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Things We Get ‘used’ to as Expats but Don’t Necessarily Like

By Umkhaloodie

Things we get ‘used’ to as expats but don’t necessarily like

Many of us arrive here and are absolutely horrified at how ‘lazy’ Kuwaitis seem to be. Beeping outside a baqala for a pint of milk and having the little baqala man bring it to them absolutely horrified me at first. Why can’t they go in and get it themselves, I thought. Driving up to the gas station, we find the same thing, Ethiopians filling our tanks while we sit in the comfort of our cars.

The truth is, I have got ‘used’ to these things but I don’t necessarily like them. I still get out of my car and pop into the baqala but filling my tank with gas, no I let the guys do that and I tip them for doing it too.

There are things that we get ‘used’ to but we don’t necessarily like, one of the things is the spelling errors…it drives me insane, I’m not perfect at spelling and I’m a native english speaker from the west, but there are no no’s and don’t do’s and many of the times Kuwait has massive no’s no’s. Just last month, someone shared with me a picture from a popular restaurant that had spelt Diet Coke wrong… they had removed the e in coke and added a c in there somewhere

get what I’m saying here? There are things that really only happen in Kuwait. #onlyinkuwait was once a trending hashtag. The things that could be found there were hilarious. I miss that hashtag. Time for someone to start it off again?

Thanks to UmNasser for the inspiration for this post and the photo above

Interesting Twitter account here but the majority of tweets appear to be in arabic – OnlyInKuwait

Interesting article from Al-Watan via Expat and the City


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