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Things to Know Before Taking a Zipline Tour

By Katrina Torres @ExcursionistaPh

There's nothing more exciting than going ziplining on your next vacation trip. You will be secured with a harness and you equip yourself with a helmet, but the excitement and the rush of adrenaline when you stand on the platform's edge can be indescribable.

Somehow, the place you are in now looks a lot higher than what you've perceived initially from the ground. But after talking yourself into doing this and you got the courage, you take a very deep breath, have a tight grip on the handles, and there you go leaping off the platform.

The feel of the wind as you glide down on the zipline suddenly takes your breath away. You see the trees of Kauai in Hawaii. It's nothing like the ones you've seen on the website because everything is so green, massive, and refreshing. Flying over the treetops is an experience that you don't want to end. Exhilarated, you may even be surprised that your very first ride ended up so quickly, but you are more than ready to go on the next one.

Most thrill-seeking adventurers see the zipline as one of the quintessential adventures available out there. This is something that they believe should belong on their bucket list, and they should try this at least once in their lives. If you haven't gone yet and want to be more than ready, here are some of the things you should know.

Becoming Ready for your First Zipline Ride

Learning More about the Safety

You should not worry less about safety because ziplines have an excellent reputation for being safe and fun at the same time. But if security is one of your topmost priorities, what you need to do is go on rides in Hawaii that follow standard operations and constructions.

You should call the staff first before booking a ride to determine their training level, the kind of inspections they are making and their safety records. Adhering to the industry's safety protocols will go a long way to make you more confident in trying the ride.

When you are on the platform, pay attention to the signs, rules, and the staff's instructions. Wear your safety gear at all times and if you believe that there's something that the team should be concerned about, then direct their attention to these issues. With this said, you don't have to worry though, since tens of thousands of people do this activity every year, and their experience has benefitted them in some way and others say that it was life-changing. You may want to know about the benefits of ziplining on this site here: You will likely be fine if you follow directions and research carefully.

Is it as Scary as it Sounds?

You should take this from someone who has tried more than ten or so ziplines around the world. Every experience is scary, but it's not totally terrifying. You will feel your heart pound, and the scariest part is jumping from the starting platform.

Your natural instincts may go against this part, but it will all be worth it. When you are in the middle of your adventure, you'll feel that you are defying gravity and be completely free as you zoom over the trees in Hawaii. You will be exhilarated that you wanted the ride to go on forever. Of course, every person's experience is different, but the ride will be something that you'll remember for years to come.

Are there Weight Restrictions?

It's common for many operators to let the guests know about weight limits before the ride. However, most lines today are even fit to hold a truck. There are still restrictions in place to protect everyone, and the rider that is too light may stop in the middle of the ride, which makes a disappointing experience. The heavier ones may hit the platform a little quicker, and this can cause injuries.

In general, riders should be between 50 to 250 pounds depending on the zipline company. There are certain limitations and waist circumferences to be considered as well. You may want to check with the operator if there are certain restrictions before taking the ride for a more optimal experience. Also, it is essential to avoid scarves or long necklaces that will add weight to the ride.

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