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Things That Go Bump in the Night!

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
Halloween is creeping up on us all super fast.  I am for once ridiculously organised (unlike my other half) and have my costume pretty much ready! But the main reason being is because we're hosting our first big Halloween party... so the host has to be sorted!
I know some of you don't have a clue what you're going to wear for 31st, so I decided I'd throw together some ideas for you.  The key area I'm looking at is Fairy tales and have put three mood boards together for Snow White, Tinkerbell and Alice in Wonderland.
Zombie Snow WhiteI do love a good fairytale and to be honest unless you live in the USA, (where everyone dresses as anything on Halloween) you have to go as something gruesome as most do in the UK.  By selecting a fairytale character you can take the simple, well known, innocent look and create something far from angelic!
You can get some amazing costumes pretty much already done for you then just by adding a few extra bits can really make it look super cool!  With Snow White she needs red shoes so I've found these beautiful red Kurt Geiger one,s (who said a Zombie can't be stylish) fake red blood from Accessorize, lots of dark make up and some ripped zombie style tights from Claire's. 
Zombie TinkerbellWith Tinkerbell you will always need some kind of glitter so instead of having it everywhere you can have it on your nails! Maybe black glitter? Red shoes are always a hit so these hot red ankle strapped platforms are from Nelly.  More fake blood from Accessorize and face paint from Topshop! You'll always need a star wand if you're a fairy... regardless of how evil!
Zombie AliceAlice in Wonderland is really popular due to the various adaptations of the book, al of which make it quite dark and mysterious.  Another nearly ready outfit and all you need is accessories.  I've found this amazing bunny ring, some blonde clip in hair, fake blood, striped socks and some killer boots for £30 from New Look!
Shopping for a Halloween costume
If you're stuck for time you are gonna have to pay to get a costume.  Don't panic if you get your skates on you can get one in time for Halloween and still quite cheap - just hurry! So we've established you can't sew your way to an amazing costume, so you need to get one pre done (look for Smiffy's ones they're usually good) then add on to make it even better than it is.
1.  Find your costume
 Lots of websites but found loads at Fancydress City including the three fairytale ones above. I've looked in the various highstreet shops that sell costumes and most of them are really expensive... you can get them much cheaper online. Trust me.
2. Make Up
Poundland is amazing for Halloween bits such as face paint and fake blood.  Oh just to point out if you're having a Halloween party Poundland is your best friend! 
3. Accessories
Claire's Accessories may not be the obvious choice but if you head in now you'll thank me.  Full of Halloween outfit add ons.  Tights like the ones featured on my Zombie Snow White mood board can be found in there.
There you have some ideas to get the clogs turning.  I think I'm going to go as a Zombie Snow White... complete with black wig I got for £3 from Tesco and may have to go get those Claire's Accessories zombie tights! 
This Friday I'll be showing you how to create a look for Halloween that'll make you appear far from attractive, and instead you'll look super gruesome and scary!

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