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Things I’ve Been Pondering…

By Eemusings @eemusings

Where is the line between happy and settling? How do you know if you’re hoping for too much and your expectations are wildly out of line? Is the grass always greener? Can’t I just pause and appreciate what I have? Be cognisant of the here and now?

What’s better: working lots at a job you love but not earning a whole lot, ever? Working lots at a job that pays well, building up serious wealth and retiring early?

Could I ever be a stay-home spouse/parent? Or am I better at playing breadwinner? Is it really such a bad thing to be a good worker?

I’ve had a string of nascent opportunities come my way lately. Practically none have panned out. In one case, I’m actually glad. But I’d really like at least some of the others to have led somewhere. Am I doing something wrong? Is my karma in debt?

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