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Things for March

By Winyeemichelle
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Repulse Bay Beach

Hurrah – that dreaded second month of the year is over. Here’s what I propose we do…
  1. Watch Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign update this Sunday.
  2. Read a glossy magazine – in print – from cover to cover with a freshly brewed cuppa in hand.
  3. Buy a springtime jacket in a bright bright colour. The easiest way to pretend you know how to work the transitional months.
  4. Take a star-gazing course ahead of the spring/summer meteor showers and promise of clearer evening skies.
  5. Get your hair chopped and refreshed.
  6. Spend some time at home doing at-home nail art, watching “too many” episodes of something on Netflix and making homemade guac and chips.
  7. Leave a little comment on your favourite blogs.
  8. Tuck your turtleneck into a little leather skirt – we’re at the final hurdle of Winter Style Games!
  9. Buy those peep-toe cut-out boot sandal hybrids because they’re SO 10 Crosby by Derek Lam and basically ideal for preparing to be in spring.
  10. Refresh your lingerie drawer – kinda obsessed with Intimissimi and Cosabella right now.
  11. Slip some mirrored leather pointed toe flats into the collection.
  12. Marvel at Ella’s ridiculously perfect illustration skill and deck your living room in her work.
  13. Pack a towel, sandals and Instax and head to a beach.
  14. Those January dreams you had? Make them happen. Mindmap your end-goal, map out your on-the-way wishes and slowly but surely get $hit done.
  15. Go to an exhibition, shelve your inhibitions about feeling pretentious, switch your phone off and enjoy.
  16. Buy all of those peachy-pink lipsticks on your wishlist because you just KNOW you’ll wear them all once Easter arrives. Weird logic, eh? But it’s so true.
  17. Instead of rushing a phonecall or Skype session with a loved one, cancel plans for an afternoon, make a tea and hang out with them with your undivided attention.
  18. Shake it off.
  19. Send love notes and stickers to Taylor Swift on LINE.
  20. … Buy Mish this handbag.

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