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“Thief” – New Release

By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

Thief is Steve’s latest short story ebook, released 8th February, 2013.

“Thief” – New ReleaseThief is a fantasy centred around the young thief, Tirnam.  It takes place in a city that is under the heel of an evil conqueror, its people all enslaved by the occupiers.  Tirnam lives with the old thief who saved his life, who dreams of escaping the city.  But the old man is crippled and there’s no realistic way out.  So Tirnam must face the dilemma of allowing his adoptive father to sudden terribly in a dreadful gamble at escape or to live on in perpetual danger from the conquerors.  But there’s another course, and it’s the old man who points the way:  Tirnam can try to raise the people in rebellion.  In the end, he will discover that there are many forms of theft, and some are just indescribably evil.

The ebook can be downloaded in various formats, from Smashwords, or as an ePub from Goodreads,

Reader review:

Review by: David H. Keith on Feb. 07, 2013 :
Now, this is what a story should be: intelligent, well-written and formatted, compelling, and with an ending that left me nodding in agreement. Well done, Mr. Smy. Well done.

The story line itself has been used for millennia, I’m sure, but it never grows old when told right. Mr. Smy told it just spot on. I highly recommend this.

David H. Keith

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