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They Call Script Reading Talent?

Posted on the 13 October 2011 by Notlobmusic @notlobmusic
Before it is sent down the memory hole:
WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR ON WUMB RADIO?Since the first week of classes (September 2011), nine UMass Boston students have been participating in twice-a-week training sessions about how to be a radio announcer, with the goal of being hired as one of two students who will be hired to be an on-air announcer at WUMB 91.9FM Radio on Monday through Thursday nights from 10pm-midnight. These nine finalists were selected from an original pool of 45 applicants.Now, all UMass Boston students have a chance to vote on who they would most like to hear on the radio.The two winners will be selected based on their creativity, entertainment ability and audience appeal (your vote counts!).We would like to congratulate the nine finalists. They've learned a lot, and have worked very hard to compete for one of these two announcer positions.Listen to each of the student's presentation below, then click this link to cast your vote! Only one vote is allowed per person. Voting ends on Thursday, October 13th, so don't delay!They call script reading talent?Colin BriggsYear: SeniorMajor: MusicHome Town: Quincy, MA”I am very grateful that I am amongst the few that the competition has been whittled down to. I’ve always enjoyed sharing music with others. I think this will be a great chance to do that and learn the ins and outs of broadcasting in general.”You can listen to a sample of what Colin sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Miguel FanaYear: JuniorMajor: MusicHome Town: Lynn, MA“I look forward to learning how everything works at WUMB and how I can fit into its programming. Thanks again for the opportunity and I hope to make the most of it”You can listen to a sample of what Miguel sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Brittany FernandesYear: JuniorMajor: EnglishHome Town: Mattapan, MA“I feel blessed to gain this experience. This is the beginning to my dreams of being an on air personality and hopefully hosting a talk show one day”You can listen to a sample of what Brittany sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Aran GilmoreYear: JuniorMajor: ArtHome Town: Jamaica Plain, MA“I would have to say that I’m psyched to have the opportunity to be an announcer for WUMB. I’ll be honest, the idea of my voice being broadcast across Boston and being heard by so many people is very cool.”You can listen to a sample of what Aran sounds like here.They call script reading talent?John HuntYear: JuniorMajor: HistoryHome Town: Dorchester, MA“I’m really excited about the opportunity that I am getting. This is something I’ve always wanted to get involved in and it’s really exciting to finally get to pursue that.”You can listen to a sample of what John sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Eleanor MarksYear: SeniorMajor: PsychHome Town: Somerville, MA“I am so excited to be part of this project. I feel super cool having any connection to NPR, and I am continually star-struck when I am in the WUMB studios. We are making history.”You can listen to a sample of what Eleanor sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Jimmy SmithYear: SeniorMajor: Criminal Justice MajorHome Town: Roxbury, MA“I am feeling motivated and excited. Kind of like they passed me a little yellow sheet and said ‘You’re going to Hollywood.’ Oh wait. Wrong talent search.”You can listen to a sample of what Jimmy sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Jared WardYear: SophomoreMajor: Psych/Social BehaviorHome Town: Holbrock, MA“Now that I’m one of the final 9, I am both anxious and eager to learn. This is an honor, being chosen to participate in these workshops. The opportunity to experience the behind the scenes works of a radio station is very interesting but very complex.”You can listen to a sample of what Jared sounds like here.They call script reading talent?Felica ZhaoYear: FreshmenMajor: Music/ChineseHome Town: Newton, MA“I’m really excited to have this opportunity offered to me. As a former DJ at GRLZ Radio in Dorchester, it will be awesome to get back in the booth again. When the final WUMB radio hosts are selected, I know that whoever is chosen will do a great job! GOOD LUCK!”You can listen to a sample of what Felicia sounds like here.
A a tip of the hat to the source, "Fans of Former Folk Radio WUMB"
They call script reading talent?
Fans of Former Folk Radio WUMB
Listen to the sound clips, these undergrads are reading from the same scripts the WUMB "on-air personalities are forced to read from. Pathetic.
They call script reading talent?WUMB Radio - Talent Questwww.wumb.orgPlease install or enable the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to view current program information including live song titles
Did Charles Laquadera get his start this way? Probably not. Back in the day, Charles and his WBCN contemporaries were the essence of alternative free-form radio. These UMass Boston undergrads sound as if they are being trained at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  But listen to their words, Fans of Former Folk Radio WUMB is correct, they are identical to the scripts WUMB's regular "on air personalities" read.
Now THAT is pathetic.
When the two finalists are chosen it will be interesting to see how much artistic freedom and range WUMB management gives them.  If you are expecting free form free-thinkers, don't be surprised to hear more of what we now hear via the sound clips, automaton script writers doing voice overs of music director-selected pop.

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