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#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

By Aswesawit @aswesawit

Dear Luke and Leia,

Tonight we had a blast at the Singapore Night Safari where we ate a terrific Indian buffet and saw a bunch of animals… AT NIGHT! What a terrific experience that we will have to bring you guys to. We were hungry and decided to eat before we started our night safari at the Indian Buffet.

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Indian Buffet at the Singapore Night Safari

We had Biryani lamb, Butter Chicken, Dahl, Naan and veggies. I stocked up my tummy on Gulab Jamun, round doughnuts in a sweet rosewater syrup. We planned out our route while devouring great food.

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Indian food at Singapore Night Safari buffet

You guys would have fought over who got the Zebra chairs, but there were several different chairs looking like animals.

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Animal chairs at the buffet like this zebra chair.

Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! Well not really. How about lions, tigers and elephants instead? There was a baby elephant at the safari too. The light was terrible and the animals moving, both made it difficult to get good pictures, but here are a few.

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Lions at Singapore Night Safari

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Lone tiger at Singapore Night Safari

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Mother and Baby elephant moving around at night

One of the coolest exhibits was the scorpions. Again, It was very hard to get a picture because the light was very low and they used a black light. This black light brought out pigmentation in the insect that caused their bodies to glow. What do you know, a glow-in-the-dark bug.

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Glow-in-the-dark scorpions

We also saw an animal responsible for some of the most expensive coffee in the world. This is a civet and they eat coffee beans.

#TheWeeklyPostcard: Singapore Night Safari

Sign picture of the elusive Civet at the exhibt

The coffee beans are collected from their droppings, then washed thoroughly and roasted to perfection. We’re glad we don’t have that job! Anyway, the beans are sold at a very high price, and all because of this little guy.

Singapore Night Safari

Entrance sign at Singapore Night Safari

Our Singapore Night Safari is over and we visited many animals that are more active at night. This is well worth the visit and a must for anyone traveling to Singapore.


Nana and Pap

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