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These Movies Are Still In Theatres? Oh… Overseas

Posted on the 13 June 2013 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

This might blow your mind. In other countries, they watch some movies before us… and then they watch some movies after us. They sometimes even watch movies that never go to theatres in America.  Find out which country is still playing Colombiana.

Argentina: Bradley Cooper’s The Words made 2, 414 last week in its 7th week of release in the country. It has made 214K to date.

Australia: Comedy A Haunted House is in its second week. It dropped 80% to only 22K in its second week of release. 80%!

Austria:  Playing For Keeps is still in theatres after 9 weeks. It earned a mere $46 last week for last place, but it has 123K total. Django Unchained is still in theatres there and has raked in 6.6 million in 21 weeks.

Bahrain: This country reported only 5 films with 15 screens total, but one of those screens is showing Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Belgium: They opened a few big films last week including Star Trek Into Darkness and Epic… but they also opened Safety Not Guaranteed.

Brazil: Escape From Planet Earth is still in the Top 10, Anna Karenina is in its 13th week of release, and 2 Days In New York is almost at the bottom of the charts in its 7th week.

Chile: The first V/H/S is in its second week of release there, earning 38,741K.

China: China has made the news recently, with its decisions to edit Django Unchained, but they should be known for just opening Colombiana, which opened two years ago in America. It made 2.1 million for 4th place. Not bad for an old title.

Croatia: If you’re in Croatia, you can stop by your theater and see Bachelorette, which has been in theatres for 3 weeks.

Czech Republic: In an interesting twist, the Czech’s are already watching Only God Forgives, which won’t open here until July.

Ecuador: Last November’s flop The Collection is in its second week in release, in 6th place with 13,557K.

Egypt: In dead last is Rise Of The Guardians. Perhaps because it’s a Christmas movie open during the summer? It’s had a good run though, staying in theatres there for 28 weeks.

Finland: The finnish get to see I Give It A Year before you do. The film opens in America in August.

France: Only God Forgives is playing here too, where it has earned 3.3 million in 3 weeks. It has already outgrossed Halle Berry’s The Call.

Germany: Germany just opened The Odd Life Of Timothy Green in 22nd place. Do the Germans hate little children that sprout from the ground?

Greece: Not the right time of year, but Hotel Transylvania is still in theatres where it has accumulated 1.6 million to date.

Hong Kong: It didn’t go to theatres here, but The Haunting In Connecticut 2 has made 151K in 2 weeks in Hong Kong. Searching For Sugar Man is also in theatres.

Italy: They just opened 2012′s underrated gem Holy Motorsavailable on Netflix Instant Streaming. Also just opened? Pitch Perfect.

Japan: This country is a little behind on American releases. GI:Joe Retaliation is #1. Iron Man 3 hasn’t even opened here yet.

Mexico: Mexico is notorious for playing older titles. The Collection, Being Flynn, Cosmopolis, The Man With The Iron Fists, and This Is 40 are all in release.

Netherlands: The Haunting In Connecticut 2 reappears here with another 157K.

New Zealand: Indie thriller The Reluctant Fundamentalist is in the Top 10, and Joel and Ethan Coen’s Gambit is already in theatres. It doesn’t come out here until Christmas. Who’s cool now? Kids dancing ballet film First Position is still in theatres, having made 185K in 7 weeks, and A Late Quartet has made 249K in 9 weeks. They also still have You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, Hyde Park On The Hudson, Life Of Pi, and Broken City.

Peru: The South American country has loved Bel Ami more than we did. It spent only 8 weeks in US theatres, but has been in Peruvian theatres for 14 weeks grossing 39K. They also still have Here Comes The Boom, The Words, Killing Them Softly, A Haunted House, and Hope Springs.

Russia: The Ben Affleck/Terrence Malik drama To The Wonder opened to 120K in Russia, which is already a fifth of its total domestic box office.

Slovkia: I just found it interesting that The Croods has outgrossed Iron Man 3.

South Africa: Apparently big Tyler Perry fans. His Temptation is still in the Top 5 after 4 weeks, and has outgrossed bigger films like This Is 40, Safe Haven, Texas Chainsaw 3D, and even Olympus Has Fallen. Still in release? 360, the forgotten Anthony Hopkins drama from last summer and Seven Psychopaths. Just opened last week? A Haunted House which landed in 9th place.

Spain: Spain is also still showing 360, where its 335K total gross is more than the 100K it made domestically. Robot and Frank is still doing well, as are Searching For Sugar Man, The Trip, Wreck It Ralph, Parental Guidance, Cloud Atlas, Brave, Hotel Transylvania, Argo, and Pitch Perfect. The biggest surprise though? Tinker Bell: Spirit Of The Wings is a theatrical release here, and has made 4.5 million dollars so far, outgrossing films like Jack the Giant Killer and Evil Dead.

Thailand: Only 17 films reported, and one of them is Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Turkey: Star Trek: Into Darkness just opened in 3rd place this week, which is a relief considering its competition was Bullet To The Head which opened in 10th, right below Dark Skies. They both did better than this weeks other new release The Perks Of Being A Wallflower which opened in 37th place.

United Kingdom: Behind The Candelabra opened to 8th place this weekend with 798K. Wreck It Ralph is in 23rd in its 18th week in release with 36.3 million. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is in 36th place, just ahead of Bernie which is dead last in 41st.

Uruguay- Nicolas Cage’s Stolen is still playing here.

Venezuela- You can catch Flight in theatres, as well as Les Miserables, and Safe Haven which just opened this week.


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