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There Will Be Blood by @MaisieHill_

By Pamelascott

Aunt Flo. The blob. Shark week. Whatever you call it, menstruation affects everyone. We all encounter periods to some extent in our lives, so it's high time we talked about it.

There Will Be Blood does just that - it's a chat show about periods. Whether menstruation is a mystery to you or you've come through the menopause, there will be something to learn and plenty to laugh at.

Over two episodes, women's health expert and author of Period Power, Maisie Hill, welcomes guests into the soundproofed safety of Audible's studio to tackle long unanswered questions, lay myths to rest, and smash loads of taboos along the way.

You can expect explanations of vulvas, PMS and period pants; personal stories about period sex and leakage nightmares; and discussion of menstrual education and period poverty.

When you add There Will Be Blood to your library, you'll get two episodes, each with a runtime of about 55 minutes.


(Audible Original, 2 May 2019, 1 hour 47 minutes, audiobook, Audible Original Podcast from @audibleuk, free with membership)



I thought this podcast was just okay but felt it didn't offer anything particularly interesting. I'm glad it was so brief because I couldn't be bothered listening to anything longer. The first episode has men as guests and the second episode has women. I enjoyed the episode with the men the most. I wasn't expecting to listen to men talk about periods and menstruation. This was quite insightful. I'm a person who does not like to discuss my period. I only wear certain clothes during my period. I have heavy, painful period so pretty much max out my painkiller allowance every day of my period. I've had probes and blood tests galore but no reason for my problems has ever been established. I did find some of the discussion illuminating and insightful.

There Will Blood @MaisieHill_

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