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“There’s Sort of a Market, but It’s Not Very Efficient Or Liquid.”

Posted on the 20 June 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

Bloomberg economics editor Peter Coy, wrote a piece on domain names and some of the commentary was interesting.

Joseph Cohen, founder of Universe a startup that makes an app for building mobile websites, said “It’s not a true market,” “There’s sort of a market, but it’s not very efficient or liquid.”

Coy seems to be focused on the fact that there is little uptake for the new extensions.

Quotes like:

“Most of the 1,200 have virtually no takers. By the time you get to #308, which is .poker, you’re down to a 0.01 percent market share. That’s frustrating if you’re the investor who gambled on .poker.”

“a $185,000 application fee, a sum that looms large if you have one of the new domain names with virtually no customers. Which is most of them.”

You can read the whole story here

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