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There's Nothing Wrong with Competition, Right?

Posted on the 13 April 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

there's nothing wrong with competition, right?

c/o Lord Kronos

in this year of the 2012 British Olympics, isn't it OBVIOUS that competition is good?
We've had it drilled into us from an early age that WINNER TAKES ALL and SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and all of that blig crap.
In wartime, our Kinship is pushed to the max (we bond as never before), our Passion is ratcheted up with self-protective propaganda and our Creativity increases millionfold so that we can make the weapons that will defeat our enemies.
But this isn't wartime, Mike - wake the fuck up - there are no bombs dropping from the sky, there are no marauding armies, there are no changes in borders or countries or policy.
Oh, really?
Corporatism. Consumerism. Capitalism; even Communism. Competition is all about BEING IN A PERPETUAL STATE OF WAR; us against them: give no quarter. Enemies to the death. A game with rules.
And the final outcome of this GAME WITH RULES depends upon WHO WINS, right?
You're on the winning side, you did good, right?
Imagine a world where all the oceans weren't clogged with toxic waste.
Imagine a world where you'd be free to move and live however and wherever you wanted.
Imagine a world where you didn't have to pay for food, water, shelter; life.
There's nothing wrong with competition as long as you eviscerate your enemy; and currently PROFIT is your enemy. Profit makes you act in a self-protective fashion. Profit makes you erect walls around your property. Profit makes you shun those who don't win like you.
In the sickened commercial world in which we live, Creativity, Passion and Kinship are no use to you if your profit margins aren't high enough, if you can't make enough to pay your debts, pay your slave taxes, pay your way.
That world must end.
We need to start seeing how Competition (or us vs them) can be expanded out to The Planet (and not just the competing individuals) where us vs them means, STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME.
This broken world is THEIR GAME. It's broke. It don't work. Why? Self-protectivism.
Free Planet proposes a change of game, a change of direction, for the whole (holisitc) planet. One where You The People take it upon yourselves to express your insane competition in ensuring that NOTHING IS DONE TO HARM THIS PLANET.
And by that I mean NOTHING.

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