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There's Nothing Better Than a Spa Day for Us Ladies, but ...

By Aworldfullofprettiness
There's nothing better than a spa day for us ladies, but sometimes we just don't have the pennies to have them frequently, unfortunately!
A lot of us don't realize that we have relaxtion remedies lying around the house, and we could infact create our own 'spa night' in the comfort of our own home - admittedly not as exciting as the real deal, but will keep us going till the next spa day treat comes along!
I'm not one to pamper myself on a frequent basis. I love to indulge in new bath and beauty products, and love to paint my nails. I also love to have a good candle burning in the background on most nights, however all my 'pampering' sessions are always a rushed job that are over with within the hour, simply because I've got other tasks to do.
As we all know, its important to have 'me time'. Depending on your lifestyle and circumstances, some can grab more 'me time' than others, however we must remember, something is better than nothing. Its essential to take time out to de-stress from all of lifes worries, take a step back and just BREATHE.
I've created a step-by-step guide on my ideal mini home spa experience. Feel free to use it or adapt as you wish!
Note - if you have kids, either get a life-saving babysitter or wait till they're in bed.. it won't be the same otherwise!
Step 1
I think a lot of people will be with me on this one (and if you're not, your missing out!). As soon as I finish work and get home, if I know I'm not going back out, I love to jump into my PJ's. So much comfier and snuggly! So I'd begin my spa experience by changing into my favorite PJ's.. (I'm a little obsessed with PJ bottoms, and have about 15 pairs!).
Step 2
I don't know about you but having clutter around me makes me a little anxious. I can't sleep in a messy bedroom and can't fully relax until I know my house is clutter-free and sparkly! So I'd begin by having a bit of a tidy.
Step 3

Now the hardest part is out the way, its all up from here! Relax on the sofa and have a cup of your favorite herbal tea. If you struggle to relax, try chamomile tea, it helps to aide relaxtion and sleep.
Step 4

Once you're all supped up from your tea, politely ask your other half to give you a 10 minute face massage whilst you either relax on the bed or sofa (and if it means letting him have football on TV then its worth it, trust me!). Follow this up with a 5 minute head massage (this can be done either with the hands or a head massager).  I'm all for massages, I find them one of the most relaxing things in the world. Just remember to move your make-up for the face massage!
Step 5

Run a bath and pop a few dollops of your favorite bubble bath in to create big frothy bubbles. At the minute I'm using Avon's ******. The scent is yummy!
Step 6
Once the bath is ready, out come the candles! Take a few of your favourites, enough to light the bathroom up and create the perfect candlelight flicker. Please take safety into consideration here and ensure candles aren't placed near any fire hazards though!
Step 7

After your bath, your pores should be open from the steam, so indulge in a facemask and give your skin a well needed treat. There are so many facemasks on the market now so you can choose one designed for your skin type. For the ultimate relaxation, lay back with a slice of cucumber on each eye.
Step 8

After removing your facemask, move onto your nails. Pick out your favorite nail polish and begin painting then sit back and let the drying process commense! Having painted nails always makes me feel better. Its a lot more therapeutic if you can find someone to paint them for you too.
Step 9
Once your nails are looking all pretty, indulge in your fruit smoothie (preferably made in advance). My favorite has to be banana and strawberry made with natural yogurt, although I keep telling myself I need to get a little more creative!
Step 10
Find a relaxing CD (we all have them!) and put it on low, grab your eye mask and sit/lay back and take 5 minutes to do some mindful breathing exercises whilst your smoothie settles. No background noise allowed!
Step 11

Now you should be well and truly de-stressed. Get an early night by climbing into a freshly washed bed with a good book at hand and a lamp on. I can assure you that you wont be able to keep your eyes open for more than 10 minutes, and before you know it, it'll be the next morning!

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