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There is Some Wonderful Humor, Wonderful Sarcasm This Election Cycle.

Posted on the 04 August 2016 by Doggone
Although I don't find it as hilarious as the claim by our former Governor turned conspiracy crackpot, Jesse Ventura, claiming that Trump is deliberately destroying the GOP from within.
Nah, Trump really is just plain freakishly crazy, and he's demonstrating why the GOP was wrong to cultivate the other crazy extremists to form their party base. The GOP is disintegrating ONLY because of their own choices; they are and remain their own worst enemy.  Sadly they are equally injurious to the nation, and to the principle and fundamental concept of representative government.
They have come back to bite the GOP in the rump, which rhymes with Trump.....which stands for LOSE!  
There is some wonderful humor, wonderful sarcasm this election cycle.

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