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There Is No 2nd Amendment Right to Own a Gun and There Never Was

Posted on the 01 November 2013 by Mikeb302000
The Examiner The 2nd amendment is about giving the states an absolute right to have their own armed militias which today has been transformed into the National Guard.It also guarantees that the states have the right to have the same weapons as a federal army, a right in existence today and has always been, since the National Guard of every state does have most of the same weapons that the Federal army has. National Guard units have tanks, they have fighter jets. They have bombers.And it's why National Guard units have been fighting in Iraq since 2002. The 2nd amendment guarantees the right of the states to have them. It is also what allowed the states of the Confederacy to have the weapons to fight a Civil War. If you think the amendment gives an individual the right to have those weapons try putting a tank in your backyard.And keep in mind the entire amendment wasn't written so that it could be diced and sliced with words ignored to suit someone's purpose. The amendment means what it says.
The next line refers to " the right of the people...". For those who don't know there are two types of rights enumerated in the Constitution, states rights and individual rights. As any Constitutional scholar will tell you, when the Framers were referring to a state's right they used the term "the people:". When they were referring to an individual right, they used the word " person".The 5th amendment is a good example. It begins with the words, "No person shall..." and lays out guarantees, among them, double jeopardy and that no person in a criminal case shall be compelled to be a witness against himself. Once you understand who the Framers are referring to when they say "the people", which is a collective for the individual states, and not referring to an individual right,  it's time to deal with the most misused and misunderstood part of the 2nd amendment -  the words "to keep and bear arms".  The rest of the article is of interest too, but I like that part about the difference between people and person. What's your opinion?

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