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There Are Two Types of People in Israel..

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It seems there are two types of people in Israel.
there are those who think the court case beginning now against PM Benjamin Netanyahu is all one big conspiracy to bring him down, since the Left has failed to do so in elections.
There are those who think PM Benjamin Netanyahu is guilty.
There don't seem to be any people who believe that the accusations against PM Netanyahu were reasonable enough to demand a conviction and the trial will actually be as fair as possible and will reasonably determine guilt or innocence.
It is a sad day for the judicial system in Israel - not because they are trying a sitting Prime Minister, but because 99% of the country seems to have little or no faith in the judicial system.
It is a sad day for the executive and political system in Israel - not because a sitting Prime Minister is being tried for crimes he allegedly committed, but because they did their part in undermining the faith of the people in the judicial system.
Let us not forget that a fair judicial system is important for every society. Even Pirkei Avot says that without proper government  we would have chaos as each person would swallow up the other. Government includes the judicial system, because without it the laws passed by the government are worthless.
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