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Therapy Dogs International and a New Scarf

By Nancymccarroll
Last night was the third Friday of the month Sew-In party hosted by Heidi.  She gives away a couple of door prizes, and everyone shows off  their projects they have finally finished by the night of the virtual party.  Except they show off their projects on their blogs the next day ... which happens to be today.  Heidi also has a Flickr account (FNSI) where you can look at other's finished projects.
And yes, I was late to the party.  But it did give me the incentive to quit looking at that scarf that has been lying pathetically on my sewing machine for more than a few weeks, just waiting for me to do some cutting and sewing and applique.  So I joined the party yesterday and finished my sewing project last night.
Therapy Dogs International and a New ScarfDetails:
  • 1) A red Therapy Dogs International (TDI) scarf that belongs to Libby the Therapy Dog, aka Dr. Libby, aka The Corridor Chaplain at our local hospital.  The scarf is HUGE, the dog is small.  Hence, Libby never wears it because the size of the scarf would literally envelope her like a blanket.
  • 2.  A small piece of watercolor fabric remnant that was too good to throw away.
  • 3.  An inspiration to "save" the emblem of TDI, incorporating it into a smaller kerchief.
After cutting out the emblem and finessing it onto the scrap fabric with interlining and applique, we have a finished product that is wearable by an 11 pound pup.
Therapy Dogs International and a New Scarf
Therapy Dogs International and a New Scarf
Friday Night Party Wrap-Up:
  • Sometimes it is handy being your own best friend at a party that only you attend.

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