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Then and Now: March

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
Looking back on the last year is fun. I like seeing where I was then vs where I am now. Some things are SO different; others are exactly the same. Last year I was traveling around Southeast Asia. I chopped off my hair in Bangkok, I had a few bad days, and I dealt with some money problems. This year I chopped off my hair again, my fire got put out by some hot firemen, and I tried a couple of new things.
Let's take a look at what happened March 2011 vs what happened in March 2012, the Who, the What and the Where.
2011:  A few monks and a few monkeys Then and Now: March
2012:  Mr. L, Dad, Lucy the dog Then and Now: March
2011 Activities:  Scuba Diving, Not so much running Then and Now: March
2012 Activities:  Paddle boarding, Running Then and Now: March
Running Miles:  2011: 0 / 2012: 106
March 2011 was a no running month. I did do some hiking and walking, but no running. I am glad that this year I am focusing more on running (as well as still doing some hiking and walking!)
Races:  2011: 0 / 2012: 6  Bidwell Classic (Half Marathon)
  Let's Move it Mama's Spring Fever Virtual 10k
Armadillo 10k
Detroit Runner's I Just Felt Like Running Virtual 10k

Spatula Runners Virtual 10k

Diva Dash 5k

2011 Food:  Fresh Fruit Breakfast and Pad Thai Lunches Then and Now: March
2012 Food:  Veggies!  Oats, fruit, nuts! Then and Now: March
Reads: 2011: 8 / 2012: 2
It seems that with an increase in running comes a decrease in reading. I can't say that March's books were all that interesting; maybe that is the reason for less reading. I sometimes try to find other things to do if my book isn't capturing my attention.

 2011: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore Then and Now: March
2012: Oakland, Florida, Kansas City Then and Now: March
The verdict? March in both years was pretty good as far as eating and traveling goes, but my activity levels have increased a lot since last March and my reading levels have decreased a lot. I am really having a great month this month visiting lots of friends and family, running and making new meals! I will be happy if April continues along a similar vein.  
What were you doing last March? What things in your life have changed in the last year?

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