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Theme Bakery

Posted on the 10 December 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Theme bakeryDescription: This business consists of baking cookies and cakes on different themes, according to customers’ orders. The products are intended for birthdays and different types of events. The types of cakes can be ordered by broad categories, such as related to: sports, occupation / job celebrations, educational, passions / hobbies. Thus, for a cake that is celebrating a football fan, you can make cakes in the shape of football boots, footballs, football field etc., for children you can make their favorite toys, etc.. In order for this business to be successful, one requires gastronomic passion and talent, but also an artistic inclination.

Resources needed: - establishing the location for the production  - --- Expenses related to the rental of the location / locations
  - Creating and achieving recipes and possible lists of models for the recipes, sketches and ingredients
  - Testing the recipes and photographing them in order to achieve a portfolio presentation
  - Expenses related to the acquisition of ingredients, equipment and the necessary tools for the culinary process
  - Promotion through: websites, pictures, portfolio presentations, flyers, business cards
Advantages: -this can become a very popular product
  - The cost of ingredients is reduced
  - It’s an easy activity to promote
  - Cakes are products never missed on any anniversary
Disadvantages: - an expensive location to rent
  - Culinary skills are necessary or it requires hiring people who possess such knowledge
Conclusion: It's a potentially interesting field, which can quickly appeal to the public and the business manager can gain substantial opportunities for franchising.

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