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The Yearbook That Became a Stumbling Block

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I need your help understanding what could possibly be wrong with a yearbook, assuming the content is "kosher".
for some background - the girls in the senior class had started to work on preparing a yearbook. The principal told them they cannot, and got a psak from Rav Gans that they should not. The girls went to a local rav, one of the very big names in town, and asked. His answer was that after the school year would be over they can print it then, and without the schools name on it. So that is what they did.
We received the following letter yesterday from the school my daughter used to attend, until she graduated Translation after the letter).
The yearbook that became a stumbling block
The letter says:
Valued Student,
I was saddened - and I was shocked to hear that you published a yearbook.
It pains me greatly to write this letter, especially because I valued and I continue to value each one of you so much. As was said to you then - Rav Gans shlit"a decided that it is prohibited for you to print the book even on your own - even without mentioning the name of the school.
The girls who were responsible for printing the yearbook - bear a very serious responsibility, also for the damage done, and also for causing others to stumble.
This incident is so harmful that I am unable to forgive you over it. This si a sentence that I have never before said - in all the years of the school.
I will be able to forgive you if all the books will be given to me, along with a promise that no additional books will be printed. Alternatively, each girl individually can personally give her copy to me - and, with God's help, I will personally forgive her.
I hope that we will be able to continue forward, to get past this obstacle - and to continue with good relations and amazing memories that we have of you from during your years in the school.
With blessings,
The girls asked a rav now whether this is something they should be concerned about and whether this obligates them in any way, and he told them that they should ignore it, they do not need to turn in their yearbooks.
This letter raises so many questions, not the least being about the state of mind of the principal of the school. Does a psak that she asked obligate the students, especially when they are no longer part of the school? What is so bad about a yearbook, which is basically a compilation of memories, that it is called an obstacle? What is so bad that it demands her saying she will never forgive them for it? Do they even need her forgiveness? Can she only have good memories if the yearbooks are turned in - but if not, all four years as students are now tainted as bad? How could she forget the other time she told my daughter she would never forgive her and say that this is the only time she has ever said such a thing?
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