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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 06 December 2023 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files

Eddie Glass - Guitar/Vocals, Ranch Sironi - Bass, Mike Amster - Drums

Man's Best Friend crushing riffs fast rhythms with interesting vocals. Down The Highway hit the pit slam sweat and thrash about. Out Of Your Head screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass and strong vocals. Highwired fist pump head bang chant and play air guitar. Giant/Clearlight over driven guitars thundering bass pounding drums and catchy rhythms. Full Throttle lost in the depths of dark dreams. Aphrodite is a catchy tune that pulls you in. Messiah lost in the depths of nightmares and emotions. Let It Burn crushing riffs pounding rhythms with excellent vocals. Transmission From Mothership Earth sway groove and just let the music envelop your senses. Let's Get Lost grab your air guitars riff and fist pump. Warzone Speedwulf lost in the depths of your imagination.

Mold!- St
The Xroadie Files

Carlo Barbacci -Guitar /Vocals /Synths, Bronto Montano - Bass /Vocals, Frankie Lujan - Drums

Mold one strange mind trip that just pulls you in. Abrazame thundering bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and interesting vocals. Dance With Your Confusion is a catchy tune that has you grooving. Don't Wake Me Up sway groove and just let loose. Cenicero clap foot tap and dance. 20 MG take a trip back in time to the mtv of the 80s. Truth Fool close your eyes and dream. Running From A Feeling lost in the depths of your imagination. To Be Continued one strange mind trip. Walk Alone thundering bass pounding drums with interesting musical twists.

Conspiracy of Blackness - Pain Therapy
The Xroadie Files

Antonio Bortone- Guitar, Grazia Riccardo- Vocals, Andrea Caliri- Bass, Francesco Salerno- Drums

Oblivion soft melodies envelop your senses. Collapsed sway groove and just flow with the music and emotional vocals. Welcome Death catchy riffs solid rhythms with amazing vocals. The Bride Of Ash lost in the depths of your imagination. Bones clap foot tap sway and just get lost in the magical music. Afterlife close your eyes and dream. The Moth slow melancholic music envelops your very being with amazing vocals. Rise the crowd stands as one chanting and swaying. Last Man Standing the emotions just take you to a special place and time. Con Il Nastro Rosa the emotions just envelop your spirit.

HERMANO - Only A Suggestion
The Xroadie Files

John Garcia - Vocals, Dandy Brown - Bass, Mike Callahan - Guitar, David Angstrom - Guitar, Chris Leathers - Drums

The Bottle tribal beats screaming guitars thumping bass and strong vocals with scorching leads. Alone Jeffe amazing vocals crunchy riffs and solid rhythms. Manager's Special hop in your car crank up this tune and jam on down the road. Senor Moreno's Plan (Intro) close your eyes and drift in dreams. Senor Moreno's Plan pounding drums thumping bass crunchy riffs scorching leads and powerful vocals. Landetta (Motherload) is a catchy tune that will have the crowd chanting along as the groove. 5 To 5 grab your air guitars riff fist pump and chant. Nick's Yea crushing riffs heavy rhythms with emotional vocals.

Saturday's Heroes- Wanderlust & Hardships
The Xroadie Files

Mikael Lachan - Drums/Vocals, Alex Lachan - Vocals/Guitar, Marcus Svensson - Guitar/Vocals, Niklas Söderlund - Bass/Vocals)

Bastard Son a catchy tune that will have you moshing and chanting away. Compass just get up dance clap and sing. How You Feel strumming guitars pounding drums thumping bass and searing leads with strong vocals. Scapegoat punk rock madness. One Way Ride sitting with friends singing strumming guitars and just jamming. By My Side fast fun tune that just envelops your spirit. Outage just get on your feet and rock. Time Wasted clap foot tap and sing. Long Way Home mosh slam sweat and pogo away. Afterparty just gather with friends and have a blast.


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