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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 10 August 2022 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files

Felix Orschel - Vocals/Guitar, Andreas Arnold - Guitar, Benny Daniel - Bass, Matthias Heylmann - Drums GUEST MUSICIANS * Richard Jung, Jessica Conte, Jean Bormann

Löwenherz screaming leads solid rhythms pounding drums thumping bass with gothic vocals. Steck den Kopf nicht in den Sand sway stand fist pump and chant. Ich falle slolwy pulls you into your imagination. Finde deine Flügel close your eyes and drift in your memories. Sinnkrise the emotions just envelop your senses. Als gäbe es kein Morgen mehr sitting with friends strumming guitar singing and grooving the day away. Auch Engel können fallen lost in your dreams flowing with emotions. Gib nie auf on your feet get your air guitar out and rock. Gewinner, die immer nur verlieren crunchy riffs solid rhythms an gruff vocals. Es ist an der zeit close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Ich lebe is a catchy tune that sticks with you fro days. Der letzte Vorhang screaming guitars pounding drums thumping bass with strong vocals and scorching leads.

Rod Rodrigues- Tales Of A Changing Life Part 1

The Xroadie Files

Rod Rodrigues - Guitar, Heitor Tenorio - Bass, Bruno Ladislau - Bass, Ricardo Parronchi - Bass, Milo Andreo - Piano/Keyboards, Orlan Charles - Piano/Keyboards, Rodrigo Abelha - Drums, Mike Mclaren - Drums, Guest Musicians- Marco Sfogli- Guitar, Dalton Santos- Guitar, Renato Osorio- Guitar

D257 scorching leads steady beats with amazing musicianship. Woodbine Sunset close your eyes and let your imagination take you into special places. La Premiere Experience sway groove play air guitar and enjoy the magical journey. Changing Plans is a very progressive hard rock tune with amazing leads and catchy rhythms. Psychical Distancing close your eyes and let the emotions juts flow over your senses,

Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll 1 - My Baby Left Me

The Xroadie Files

Loren Becker with The Enoch Light Orchestra, Johnny Rebb and His Rebels, Ellie Russell with The Three Belles, Boyd Bennett, Rockin' Robin Roberts, Jackie Dunham With The Hollywood Weekends, Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks, Elvis Presley, Paul Wyatt, Jerry Lee Lewis, Helene Dixon, Hollis Harbison, Moon Mullican, Bill Haley and His Comets, Dottie Evans, Col Joy with The Joy Boys, Hollis Harbison, Lou Millet, Conway Twitty, Pete Peters The Rhythmakers with The Five Notes, Charline Arthur, David Houston, The Johnny Burnette Trio, Glenn Reeves, Jerry Duane with The Enoch Light Orchestra, Buddy Holly and The Crickets, Vince Everett, Elvis Presley

My Baby Left Me just get up dance and g flow with the rhythms. Maybellene sway sing and clap. Tweedle Dee dance the night away. Mumbles Blues bluesy rock n roll. Louie, Louie a catchy tune that sticks in your head. All Around The World hit the dance floor and enjoy. My Girl Is Red Hot clap foot tap and sing. ‎I Got A Woman take a trip back in musical time. Whole Lot of Shakin' groove and chant. Hit The Road Jack lost in a simpler time and place. Roll Over Beethoven just get up and rock n roll. Whole Lotta Loving classic rock n roll music. Well Oh Well catchy tune that just envelops your senses. Marie lost in the depths of your memories. Lucky Lips clap foot tap and sing. This Little Boys Gone Rockin' close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz sway chant and just enjoy. Shorty The Barber a jazzy rock tune. Reelin' And Rockin' one catchy tune that just lets you let loose. Fanny Brown snap your fingers clap your hands and tap your feet. Burn That Candle country old school 60s rock. Sugar Sweet grab your air guitars and play as you sing. The Train Kept A‐Rollin' an interesting version of this classic tune. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee sway groove and let loose. Keep A Knockin' foot tapping hand clapping tune. Ready Teddy just flow with the melodies. Baby Let's Play House steady beats catchy vocals. Soldier Boy close your eyes and dream.

Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll 2 - Rock And Roll Music

The Xroadie Files

Bunny Paul, The Red Coats with Steve Alaimo, Peter Lewis and The King Pins, Al Barkle with String Band, Marty Robbins, Gene Terry and The Downbeats, Buddy Holly and The Three Tunes, The Diamonds, The Goofers, Ella Mae Morse with Big Dave and His Orchestra, Hollis Harbison, Chuck Murphy, Charlie Gore, Dale Hawkins, Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks, Conway Twitty, Jim Holt, Jim Miller, Wanda Jackson, Warren Smith, Hayden Thompson, Rusty York, Dig Richards and The R' Jays, The Fontane Sisters, Johnny Chester, Bobby Comstock and The Counts, The Toppers, The Diamonds

Such a Night classic do wop rock. Girl Can't Help It clap your hands tap your feet and enjoy. Be My Guest sway and groove. Jumpin' From Six To Six close your eyes and dream. That's All Right singing and strumming guitar. Cindy Lou take a trip back in time and enjoy. Ting-A-Ling groove and sway. The Church Bells May Ring one catchy tune from the late 50s. Hearts Of Stone jazzy old school rock. How Can You Leave A Man Like This sway groove sing and enjoy. Rock and Roll Music one great tune that has been done many times. They Raided the Joint classic old school rock. Stumbling Block just dance the night away. My Babe snap your fingers clap your hands and just sing. Who Do You Love is a very catchy tune that just rocks. Mona Lisa dancing and enjoying the night. Brown Eyed Handsome Man catchy riffs great rhythms and excellent vocals. Carol dance and sing. Slippin' And Slidin' sway sing and dance. Got Love If You Want It clap sing shout and rock. Love My Baby slow bluesy rock. Shake 'Em Up Baby clap foot tap sing and take a trip back in time. Kansas City groove the night away. Please Don't Leave Me groove and dance. Milk Cow Blues one catchy bluesy country tune. Bony Maronie is a tune that just sticks in your head. Mr. Lee dance and sing. One Summer Night close your eyes and drift.

Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll 3 - Dance Girl Dance

The Xroadie Files

Eddie Dugosh and The Ah-Ha Playboys, Gene Vincent and His Bluecaps, Chuck Miller, Andy Doll Band, Moon Mullican, Jerry Duane, Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano, Johnny Preston, Danny Lanham, The Everly Brothers, Al Ferrier and His Boppin' Billies, Lawrence Shaul and The Aristocats, Paul Peek, Shirley Jean Wiley, Lonnie Miley, Satellite Fever, Feelin' Joyous, Johnny Scoggins with Earl Reed and His Rhythm Rockers, Frances Faye, Gerry Granahan, The Tyrones, Ernie Sigley, Link Davis, Cody Brennan and The Temptations, Bunny Paul with The Harptones, The Four Lovers, Tommy La Beff, Dixie Harmonairs, Joe Perkins

Strange Kinda Feeling just rock all nite. Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back is one catchy tune. Saturday Night Fish Fry sway and groove. Hey Ba Ba Re Bop takes you back to a special place and time. Grandpa Stole My Baby bluesy rock. Rip It Up classic old school rock. Save the Last Dance For Me catchy piano great vocals. Feel So Fine just let loose in your memories. A Lover's Question slow bluesy soulful rock. Hey Doll Baby lost in memories. No No Baby sway and dance. Tutti Frutti classic old school rock. The Rock-A-Round one interesting rock tune. Long Tall Sally a great tune done my many band. Asiatic Flu catchy riffs great rhythms excellent vocals. Go On Fool just dance all night. Flat Foot Sam clap and foot tap. It's You I Love just enjoy the musical journey. Dance Girl Dance close your eyes and dream. Blast Off take a trip back in time. The Big Beat just groove and take a magical trip. Johnny Be Good one amazing tune. Ruby Baby just dance and sing. Honey Love just let the emotions envelop your senses. Lawdy Miss Clawdy dance sing and shout. Tore Up a catchy bluesy rock tune. Honey Hush lost in your memories. One Night strumming guitars and soulful vocals.


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