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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 29 June 2022 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files

Florian Kasper - Drums, Gerald Kiesewetter - Bass, Joe Doblhofer - Guitars, Guest Musician- Jan Zehrfeld

Necessary Evil one catchy bluesy tune that just pulls you in with amazing musicianship. Hustle & Slo close your eyes and just drift along with some amazing leads. Soldersniffer Blues clap foot tap and groove along. Loony & Blue just let the music envelop your very being. (Ballad Of The) Blue Genes drifting along in your memories. Tech Republic one catchy blues tune. Black Sheep Waltz pounding drums thumping bass with great leads. LN just take one amazing musical jazzy bluesy journey. Lost In The Shuffle groove and let the emotions pull you in. Ragdoll Boogie amazing bluesy jazzy leads and solid rhythms.

Principe Valiente- Barricades

The Xroadie Files

Fernando Honorato, Jimmy Ottosson, Rebecka Johansson and Joakim Janthe

Barricades drifting on a cloud of melodic emotions. So Much More take a trip back to mtv and the 80s musically. Porcelain lost in the depths of dreams. I Am You groove along to the many melodies. Tears In Different Colors clap foot tap and dance. When We Can't Let Go just let the music envelop t your senses. Never Change lost in memories and gothic tones. The Beating Of Your Heart slow emotional music pulls you in. The Impossibles just one catchy tune that has you singing. This Buried Love close your eyes and let your imagination take you away.

The Xroadie Files

Charlie Munro- Guitar/Bass, Chris Whitby- Vocals

Libertus pulls you into dark dreams and emotions. All Men Are Created Evil crunchy riffs thundering rhythms with death metal growls. Angel Slayer hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Terror Eyes just try and survive the onslaught. Necrocracy hits you like a ton of bricks falling on you from high above. Panopticon I fist pump head bang and just let loose all aggression. Panopticon II continues the maniacal madness. Panopticon III driftin in the blackness of time and space alone.

The Xroadie Files

Suzi Moon- Vocals, Band members ???

Sonic Attraction just get up and rock out with a punk influence. Animal clap foot tap fist pump with a thumping bass drum pounding rhythms and emotional vocals. Gold Record Autograph one catchy tune that just sticks in your head.

Orochen- Anthroposcenic

The Xroadie Files

Emil Gustavsson, Rasmus Lindblom , Jonas Mattsson , Hampus Olsson, Guest Vocals- Alex Stjernfeldt

Black Snow dark music with spoken words that pulls you into madness. Gathering Storms crunchy riffs gothic vocals with thundering rhythms. Iron Gates close your eyes and take one psychedelic mind trip. Convalescence lost in the depths of your dark imagination. Teeth Of Glass just pulls you in and wont let go as the dark emotions flood over you. House Of Bones slowly slither into your imagination. A Different Sun close your eyes and dream. Rat King dark emotions envelop your senses.


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