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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 22 September 2021 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files

Joakim Hansson - Bass/Organ/Synths , Olof Neumann - Guitar/Drums/Synths , Chris Tolbert - Guitar , Janne Kristiansson - Mandolin

Visa Ur Askan is a very folky renaissance tune that just envelops your spirit. Zauberer close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Sa Du Tror Du Kan Bygga Broar take a trip thru your dreams and emotions.

Praise The Plague- The Obsidian Gates

The Xroadie Files

Benjamin Linz- Bass, Sascha Buhl- Drums, Robert Carmosin- Vocals, Marcel Martin- Guitar, Chris- Guitar

The Descent death destruction and mayhem envelops your soul. Blackening Swarm II the pits of hell open demons pour out and devour all. Great Collapse lost in time space and dementia. The Obsidian Gate dark dreams and nightmares envelop your spirit. Beyond fury hatred and madness rip you to pieces. The Ascent lost in the depths of your immortal soul.

Mudd Flux- Light The Skies Electric/ New Single(Not Forgotten)

The Xroadie Files

Becky Scheufler Young -Vocals, Jason Gautney/Guitar, Richard Young-Bass, Zac Kuder-Drums

Load Out pounding drums thundering bass crunchy guitars soaring vocals and screaming leads just let the music envelop your spirit. All I Am (I Am) slow heavy chugging riffs that will have you fist pumping and head banging as you chant along. Burn Me On catchy guitar riffs thundering drums pounding bass with amazing vocals. Beneath Broad Sails has a very Black Sabbath feel that just takes you back in time. Carousel will have the entire crowd on its feet just rocking out. Cosmic 1 close your eyes and let the emotional music take you into many memories. Not Forgotten chugging guitars pounding drums thumping bass with soaring vocals.

Enuff Znuff- Never Enough Rarities And Demos

The Xroadie Files

Chip Znuff- Bass/Vocals/Guitar, Donnie Vie- Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Derek Frigo- Guitar, Vikki Fox- Drums

DISC 1: (McNulty's Basement)- Bye Bye Love is a very catchy melodic tune with great leads and emotional vocals. I Won't Forget stand sway and sing along. Say It Isn't So takes you back in time with many memories. Girl Crazy is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. Tears Away strumming guitars melodic vocals and steady rhythms. New Night Tonight just close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Just What You Want fist pumping get up and rock out music. emotional melodies just envelop you. Love On Your Mind catchy melodies great vocals and lots of just fun music. I Want You Back just enjoy the musical journey Never Let You Go sing sway and just groove along. Everyone Says No has a very Alice Cooper feel to the tune. I Can't Get Over You floating on a melodic cloud of memories.

DISC 2: (Prairie Street)- Temporarily Disconnected strumming guitars thumping bass with steady drums and catchy vocals. The Real Thing crunchy riffs scorching leads with pounding rhythms and great vocals. Number One stand clap sing and shout. Higher a catchy tune that just sings in your head for days. Enough's Enough clap foot tap and sing along. Why Does It Have To End the emotions just envelop your senses. Million Miles Away take a trip back to the melodic 70s and enjoy. Misery grab your guitar riff and sing as the music pulls you in. Soldier's Story clap foot tap and take one musical magical journey. Valentine lost in the depths of your emotional dreams. Tossed In My Face foot tapping hand clapping sing along music. Maybe Someday crunchy riffs thumping bass with steady drums and great vocals. Fallin' In Love sway chant and groove. Will You Remember close your eyes and dream. 1, 2, 3 floating in memories and emotions.

DISC 3: (Longwood Towers)- Crazy Night crunchy guitars thumping bass with pounding drums and excellent vocals and searing leads. Still Lovers flowing with some excellent melodic music and vocals. Somewhere Else For Me sitting with friends strumming guitars and singing. Help lost in a cloud of emotional memories. Holdin' Out 4 More stand clap sing shout and just groove along. Yesterday's Gone take a trip back in time and just enjoy the musical trip. How Does It Feel thumping bass pounding drums screaming guitars with excellent vocals. I Don't Mind one catchy tune that will have you singing it for days. So Fine just sway groove and let the emotional music envelop your spirit. Cupid's Laughing fist pump head bang and just rock out with some amazing leads. Tara Nichole just one catchy tune. No Girl Of Mine just a magical musical journey. Look What You Do screaming leads thumping bass pounding drums and sing along vocals.

Visualis- Sunrise In Black

The Xroadie Files

John Browne - Guitar/Vocals, Roman Ibarra - Guitar/Keys/Vocals, Zoran Šukara - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Finley Ford - Drums

Dive Into lost in the depths of emotions and imagination. Delirium soaring keyboards crunchy riffs great vocals with a steady beat. We Are The Disease crunchy riffs catchy rhythms with excellent vocals. Decay searing leads that just envelop your very soul as the music builds and pulls you in. Doom Arise thundering bass crunchy guitars pounding drums with great chorus vocals. The Search Relentless pounding drums thumping bass chugging guitars screaming lead sand chant along vocals. Sunrise In Back takes you into the depths of your dark dreams.


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