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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 03 February 2021 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files

Prodigium – St

The Xroadie Files

Lloyd Bourne/ Robert Van Zandt – Everything, Guitar Solo on Heathen- Cameron Losch, Choir on Warhorse - Guilherme da Fonseca

Heathen classical music envelops you the crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and gruff vocals take over. The USSA fist pumping head banging metal madness. Warhorse strong steady beats chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass with f dark vocals. Broken pulls you into despair and mayhem. Unchained the pits of hell opens and demons spew forth. The Tempest Will Rise hit the pit slam sweat mosh and hang on for your life.

Sinnrs – Profound

The Xroadie Files

Nero / Maestus – Everything

Nihil eerie sounds just envelop your soul as they pull you into darkness. To Derive Eden’s Fame the pits of hell open and death emerges in hordes. The Storm Of I drifting away in dementia and cold death. Lift My Bones pulls you into the depths of your dark dreams. Renowned Praetorian's black death classical with strange influences. No Promise To Mankind blast beats classical sounds with death metal vocals from hell. It Calls Me drifting along in darkness and melancholic emotions. Et Sic Incipit crunchy riffs thundering rhythms with death vocals. Watch Her Soul Burn death destruction mayhem and madness. Commemorate None thrashing black metal that just devours your very being.

Ambassadors Of The Sun – Orbiting A Dead Star

The Xroadie Files

Fredrik Nordin -Vocals/Guitar, Mathias Henrysson -Guitar, Björn Tauman -Bass, Daniel Liljekvist -Drums

Disciple has an old time gospel feel that just has the crowd on its feet singing along before the music grows into metal madness with an Ozzy feel. Snail fist pumping head banging metal magic. From the Shadows hard fast heavy just hit the pit and mosh till you drop. Cinnabon will have the crowd on its feet just rocking out with some amazing musicianship and soaring vocals. So Long close your eyes and just drift in t your dreams. Aches and Pains take one interesting mind trip in your imagination. 1-9 pounding drums shredding guitars thundering bass with great vocals. Baretta thrashing shredding metal mayhem. The Masochist just sway and groove to the emotional stoner metal rhythms.

Killing Time – Thrashed From The Vault

The Xroadie Files

Bands – Amboog A Lard/ Raped Ape/ Kryptic Kurse/ F.O.S./ Elysium/ Solstice/ Tempus Fugit/ Fatal Sin/ Malicious Damage/ Royal Anguish/ Final Prophecy/ Sinful Lust

Songs- The Wounded hard fast heavy thrashing metal mania. Hypothermia hit he pit slam sweat and mosh. Sadistic Pleasure crushing rhythms shredding riffs thundering drums with a fast as lightning pace. Whatever just take a trip back in time when thrash metal ruled. Crystal Blisters crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with strong vocals and scorching leads. Netherworld dark powerful heavy riffs that just envelop your very spirit. Kick The Wind fist pumping foot stomping head banging metal music. Episode crunchy riffs thumping bass pounding drums with strong vocals. Dead Cells hit the pit slam sweat mosh and thrash about. Retrospect fast hard heavy manic metal music. Through Eyes of Fire screaming guitars thundering drums thumping bass with screaming leads and powerful vocals. Chemical To Chemical fist pump head bang foot stomp and just thrash about.

Weight of Emptiness – Conquering The Deep Cycle

The Xroadie Files

Mauricio Basso – Drums, Juan Acevedo- Guitar, Alejandro Bravo – Guitar, Alejandro Ruiz – Vocals, Mario Ura – Bass

Conquering close your eyes and let your dreams take you away. Invisible Mind Workers swirling keyboards growling vocals thundering riffs and crunchy rhythms. Chucao fast hard heavy pit moshing mayhem. The Flame opens the pits of hell and darkness pours forth with a Gothic influence. Lapse Of Insanity slowly envelops your very essence. Lamentos close your eyes and let your imagination take over. Eleven Ravens vocals from the mouth of hell with a grinding rhythm and death influences. Drainers fist pump head bang mosh slam sweat and get all your aggression out. Lurking Hope thrashing ripping shredding metal madness. Two Tears Alone has a very heavy but interesting metal tiffs that just slams you as it pulls you in. Deep Cycle just let your imagination pull you into mania.


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