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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 17 September 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
James Williamson & Deniz Tek - Two To One The Xroadie Files James Williamson- Guitar/Vocals, Deniz Tek – Guitar/Vocals
Jet Pack Nightmare catchy driving riffs pounding drums humping bass and punkish vocals. Progress just stand groove and sing as the music pulls you in. Take A Look Around has a very southern rock feel that just envelops you. Good As Gone will have the crowd on its feet clapping singing and dancing the night away. Stable crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with thumping bass. Climate Change sway groove rock and just enjoy. Birthday Present fast thumping bass catchy riffs soaring organ and interesting vocals. Small Change sitting with friends strumming guitar and singing. Liar just hit the floor and bop till you drop. No Dreams thumping bass with rockabilly guitars and punkish vocals. Melissa Blue close tour eyes and dream.

Horde Of Hel – Doden Nalkas The Xroadie Files Sanctvs – Vocals, J.O Sandin – All Strings, Nils Fjellström – Drums
Blodets Morgon death destruction madness and dementia. Death Division Status the pits of hell blast open spewing demons forth. Visdomen Kallas Døden slithering from the blackness overtaking all light. Standard Nordland hit the pit slam sweat and just get rid of all aggression. Totalitarian Regime death black metal mayhem. Total Death lost in the dark depths of madness. Holy Ash fast heavy rip your face off death metal. No Remorse take one strange journey thru your deep imagination. Livets Narkos shreds your inner mind into small pieces. Of Eternity And Ruins lost in the dark black abyss of nothingness.
Winterkat – The Struggle The Xroadie Files Jonathan Grell – Guitar, Michael Steele Grotheus – Vocals, Gerardo Ramirez, – Keyboards/Drums, Dean Vallecillo – Bass, Marcus Steven – Drums,Paul Therell - Keyboards
Sacred Heart crunchy fist pumping riffs screaming leads thundering rhythms and soaring vocals. Someones Calling catchy rhythms that will just envelop you and take you away into your imagination. Ghost Of Legal Crime fist pumping head banging metal music. Cold The Blade grab your guitars and get ready to rock till you drop. Last Time psychedelic acid blues rock that just sends shivers down your spine. The Struggle close tour eyes and just dream and drift. Minuet ILL amazing acoustic guitar. Light Of Day stand sing clap and groove. Life Of Changes some excellent melodies that just pull you in. Little Wing one great version of the Jimi Hendrix classic.

The Kings Pistol – Rip It Up The Xroadie Files Julian Casewell, Andy Shardlow, Jim Farmer
Rip It Up a very interesting rhythm that pulls you in and wont let go. Rive At Midnight thumping bass pounding drums surf rock rhythms and punkish vocals. Sharpshooter has a very close riff to Kick Out The Jams just rock n roll. Flame Of Love grab your air guitar or just hit the pit and mosh till you drop. The Way The West Was Won sway groove and just trip. Nothing To Lose is one catchy interesting tune that just sticks with you for days.

The Livesays - The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction The Xroadie Files Billy Livesay – Guitar / lVocals, Jorge Laplume – Bass / Vocals, Howard Goldberg – Drums, Victor “Cuqui” Berrios – Organ / Vocals, Tim Murphy- Piano / Vocals
There's Something Coming Now just slow bluesy jazzy music that envelops your senses. When I Dream has a very catchy rhythm with great vocals. Another Mile sway sing and just enjoy. Let It Flow soaring organs funky bass with soulful vocals. Woodstoock one psychedelic melodic version of the classic tune. The Rhythm Of Love will have you on your feet grooving and rocking. Better Than He Ever Was just close your eyes and drift. How Can I Be just drift along on a cloud of melodies. That's The Trouble With Love Spanish guitar just envelops your senses with a catchy rhythm and great vocals. Heart Of The Matter powerful melodies just envelop your very being with an excellent cover version. Better Than You just kicking bask with friends singing and playing guitar. Book Of Rules sway groove clap sing and just enjoy. Can I Have (What You Have) catchy riffs steady t rhythms soaring organ and excellent vocals.


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