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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 05 August 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Necropsy- Exitus The Xroadie Files Tero Kosonen – Vocals, Janne Kosonen – Guitar, Sami Heinonen – Guitar, Ville Vartiainen – Bass, Hannu Väänänen – Drums
Meat Ceremony pounding crunchy riffs thundering rhythms and gruff death vocals trying to crush your soul. Fucking Dead slithering sliding ding death tones envelop your senses. 206 Motives grabs a hold and s drags you into the pit of hell clawing and screaming. Butcherado fast hard punch you in the throat death metal madness.

Nobody – Atmosfear The Xroadie Files Nobody – Everything
Intro close tour eyes and let your dreams take hold. Stronger Than Blood death vocals with strumming guitars. Ruthless Vicar one t strange musical journey in your imagination. Anubis I takes you on a weird journey. Anubis II continues the journey into dark places. The Dark Marquis strange and eerie. The Great Stink classical influenced music. Unholy Intoxication strumming classical guitar mixed with death metal vocals. Atmosfear floating on a sea of madness Dreams And Imaginations I soft guitar notes envelop you as the dark voices take over your mind. Dreams And Imaginations II sitting strumming and going mad. Lover's Lament just one interesting trip. Orgasm Of Blasphemy just sitting along playing guitars and screaming out. Uncontainable lost in madness. Visionary I mind trip of epic proportions. Visionary II lost in time space and dementia. Outro just drift into chaotic mayhem.

Dawn Of Ashes – The Antinomian The Xroadie Files Kristof Bathory – Vocals, Bahemoth – Keyboards/Electronics, Angel Dies – Bass, Brandon Rage – Drums, Krz Souls - Electronic Drums, Additional live member: Brendin Ross - Keyboards
Pawns Of The Wretched industrial metal music that envelops you as it pulls you in. Sleep Paralysis dark dreams into nowhere. Blood Of The Titans just let the music envelop you as it pulls you into madness. Dried Up lost in the mayhem of existence. Anatomy Of The Soul take a trip thru your imagination and try to survive. Follow The Pain pulsating rhythms pounding beats and screaming vocals envelop your senses. Scum Of The Earth thrashing pounding ripping inside your head. Mind Prison drives you to the point of insanity. The War Within drifting in darkness and despair.

WICKED SMILE - Delirium The Xroadie Files Danny Cecati – Vocals, Stevie Janevski – Guitar, Additional musicians -Paul Laine – Bass, T B R – Drums
We Fall fist pumping head banging sing along ,metal magic. Stronger has a very catchy riff powerful vocals and chugging riffs with screaming riffs. Love’s Got A Hold On You stand clap foot tap and sing as the music envelops your soul. Daze Of Delirium grab your air guitars and get ready to rock with some amazing musicianship and soaring vocals.

Lucid Conformity - Architects Of Madness The Xroadie Files Dale Linsdell, Tom Clarke
Spoils Of The Bloodthirsty hit the pit just mosh till you drop from aggression. Monolithic War Machine fast hard heavy death metal madness. Age Of Abhorrence grabs a hold just slams you over and over against the ground. Man Made Messiah thrashing ripping shredding of your senses. Architects Of Madness hold on for your very life drum blast beats chainsaw guitars and death metal vocals. World Eater shredding chugging riffs thundering rhythms and gruff vocals with clean just annihilate you. Life Stealer pounding in your head for days with mayhem and destruction.


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