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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 08 April 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Don Dokken – Solitary The Xroadie Files Don Dokken – Vocals/Guitar, Wyn Davis – Guitar/Bass/Synthesizer, Michael Thompson – Guitar/Bass. Steve Ornest – Guitar, Tony Franklin – Bass, Frank Lentz – Drums, Gary Ferguson – Drums, Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums.
In The Meadow soft melodies and a emotional vocals just envelop your senses. I’ll Never Forget just close your eyes and let you dreams flow. Where The Grass Is Green sitting around strumming guitar and singing with friends. Jealous soft melodies just float all around and pulls you in. Ship Of Fools some excellent acoustic guitar and soulful vocals with melodic percussion. You Are Everything just kicking back strumming guitar with some catchy rhythms and great sing along vocals. Venice has a country feel with some excellent slide guitar catchy rhythms and emotional vocals. Sarah slow groove that just envelops you. My Heart Will Go On just let your imagination drift away. The Tragedy soulful lead guitar that just pierces your very soul. Someday soft melodies a steady beat and soulful vocals. All That Love Can Be just let your dreams take you away.

Mangala Vallis – Voices The Xroadie Files Roberto Tiranti -  Vocals, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi  - Drums/Percussions, Mirco Consolini -  Guitars/Bass/Vocals, Niky Milazzo –Guitar, Gianfranco Fornaciari – Keyboards/Vocals
The Center of Life prog keyboard sounds catchy rhythms soaring vocals just take an excellent musical trip. No Reason close your eyes and just let your dreams flow forever. Get It While You Can has a catchy riff that will envelop you as you sing along with some emotional vocals and excellent musicianship. The Voice Inside take a trip back to the 70s when prog rock ruled the musical airwaves sand just drift away. An End to An End catchy beats melodic keyboards soulful vocals that just pull you in and ends with some searing Pink Floyd style leads. Demon catchy rhythms steady beats soaring vocals with a tune that just sticks in your head for days. Sour just drift away in your dreams.

Emerald Shine – Misty Tales The Xroadie Files Leena –Vocals/Recorders/Whistles/Guitar, Radomír –Harp/Harsh Vocals, Radek –Bass, Kamil –Drums, Dušan –Vocals/Guitar, Klára –Violin/Backing Vocals
Intro classical Celtic music just envelops your senses. Autumn Mists just drift away in your dreams of another time and place far away. Silver Riders walking thru the woods dancing and singing as the music envelops you. The Elven King takes you back to your childhood dreams just enjoy the trip.  Where Life’s Been Ruined strumming guitars ethereal vocals and a melody that just pulls you in with a great riff.  A Lake Far Away just close your eyes and let your imagination take hold. Voice of the Muse heavy riffs soaring vocals with a crunchy rhythm. The Song Of Fallen Leaves the melodies will just take you away to the far places in your mind. The Only One catchy guitar riffs great melodies that will have you on your feet grooving and singing. The Time Has Come soft melodies just envelop you. We’ll Be Back stand sing shout and just dance away. Rainey Night sounds of a storm and a heavy riff with clean and gruff vocals.

Annie Barbazza- Vive The Xroadie Files Annie Barbazza - Vocals, (Guest Musicians) -  Camillo Mozzoni, Daniel Lanois, Franz Soprani, Fred Frith, Greg Lake, John Greaves, Lino Capra Vaccina, Max Marchini, Michael Tanner, Olivier Mellano, Paolo Tofani, Paul Roland, William Xerra
Ys soaring ethereal vocals that just pierce your soul with great melodic music. June just close your eyes and drift in your dreams. From Too Much Love Of Living soft melodies just envelop your soul. Time just soft melodies with an emotional voice from the heavens. Nebulæ drifting thru the dark recess of your mind. Wrote Myself A Letter floating melodies that just pull out your many emotions.  How Beautiful You Are drifting and floating in your dreams. Lost At Sea sounds of the ocean and melancholic vocals.   Phantoms just take a trip thru the open spaces in your imagination. Tide lost in space time and the places in your mind. Les Ruines Du Sommeil soft melodies just float and surround you. Lotus Flower take a melodic musical trip thru your imagination. Boîte à Tisanes strumming guitars and emotional vocals.

Great Electric Quest – Live At Freak Valley The Xroadie Files Tyler "T-Sweat" Dingvell – Vocals, Buddy Donner – Guitar, Daniel "MuchoDrums" Velasco – Drums, Jared Bliss – Bass
In The Flesh has a very bluesy heavy groove that just envelops your very senses with some searing leads and a pink Floyd influence. Seeker Of The Flame catchy tribal drums thundering bass crunchy guitars on your feet and just fist pump. Of Earth Part I is a three-part musical journey into your imagination starting with a great drum work solo before the crunchy guitars kick in with some scorching leads. Of Earth Part II stand sway and just groove along to one stoner rock/metal masterpiece with some amazing musicianship. Of Earth Part III interesting vocals and guitar that just envelops your sense with a bluesy influence. Victim Of Changes a great version of the Judas Priest classic just get ready to rock out. The Madness is a very catchy bluesy riff that just pulls you in as you groove along. Heart Of The Son just close your eyes and drift away into the dark recesses of your mind. Wicked Hands screaming leads pounding rhythms fist pump and head bang. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover) fast heavy ripping cover version.


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