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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 01 April 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Bonehammer – Black Crust Invasion   The Xroadie Files Ódnüfak– Bass/ Vocals, Onahíram– Guitar/ Keyboards, Alaph– Drums
Dark Pagan Cult fast heavy death heavy metal mayhem. Shadows Of Darkness melancholic guitars flow all around and envelop you before a blast of destruction slams against you. Children Of The Lie hit the pit slam sweat and just thrash about. Living A Rotting Nightmare pull you into the dark recesses of your mad dreams. Victims Of War slam death destruction mayhem. Invocation melancholic music spoken words that draw the darkness in. Hammerson fist pumping head banging neck cracking death metal. Overture of Evil eerie tones that just envelop your soul. Possessed close your eyes and just drift away in the darkness of your dreams. Blues of Perversion a slower driving fist pumping head banging riff tune with some scorching leads. Reborn In Hell crushing guitar thundering bass pounding guitars and gruff vocals. March Or Die a slower dark death metal version of the Motorhead classic.

Pantheon Of Blood –Voices Rooted In Blood The Xroadie Files Band Members - ???
TRACK BREAKDOWN- Tracks 1-2 = Pantheon of Blood demo, Tracks 3-4 = Consociatio Solis et Lunae EP, Track 5 = from split 7" with Creatura, Track 6 = previously unreleased, Tracks 7-10 = Purgatorial Awakening. Kolmas Silma Maan Tuhcasta just open the pits of hell let the demons pour forth and devour all. Vanha Liitto eerie tones just slam your senses and pull you into madness. Overflowing Manifestation death destruction blackness and despair. The Crimson Empress of Night the melancholic tones just drag you down into hopelessness. Deux Ex Naturae blackness dark with evil just envelops your senses. The Pagan Light lost in the night in space time and dementia. The Dead End crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and death vocals. Ma-Karam pounding thrashing head banging neck breaking death metal. Incantation Of Blood just slithers along as it pulls you into the darkness of dreams. Awakening just try and awaken from the horror of the recesses of your mind.

Death On Fire – Ghost Songs The Xroadie Files Tim Kenefic - Guitar/Vocals, Sam Stephens – Guitar, Kyle Smith – Drums, Aren Winebrenner– Bass
Lies We Eat hit the pit slam away all your aggressions. Ghost Songs crunchy riffs thundering rhythms and screaming dark vocals. Once Were Warriors just get ready to be run over with aggressive hard music. The End Complete melancholic tones with screaming riffs thundering rhythms and demonic vocals. Architects just slams against your imagination and takes you into strange places. Withering Away just fist pump scream and shout away. People Like You melancholic melodies envelop you before having your heart ripped out. Fear And Loathing just try and hang on for one shredding scorching lead tune. Deafening Roar fist pumping head banging death metal mayhem. Love Gun a shredding death metal version of the Kiss classic.

Alkira – The Pulse The Xroadie Files Gregory 'Strong' – Guitars/ Vocals, Joel 'Joulders'- Guitar/Vocals, Tyson 'Money' – Bass/  Vocals, Ryan 'Dr Q' – Drums
The Pulse strong pounding drums thundering bass crunchy riffs screaming leads just fist pump along. Inflicting Damage crashing rhythms shredding guitars thundering bass and gruff vocals. Sludge Machine hit the pit slam and mosh till you are spent. Pendulum fast heavy shredding rhythms guitars bass and searing leads with thrash style vocals. Powertrip rumbling bass thundering drums crunchy guitars shredding leads thrashing and ripping along.

CB3 – Aeons The Xroadie Files Charlotta Andersson – Guitar, Pelle Lindsjö –Bass, Natanael Salomonsson– Drums
Zodiac slow bluesy stoner rock that will just envelop your senses and pull you into the magic. Sonic Blue just close your eyes sway and drift along with some amazing musicianship and searing leads. Acid Haze over nine minutes of great musicianship that takes you into the farthest recesses of your imagination. Warrior Queen crunchy riffs pounding rhythms psychedelic tones just enjoy the trip. Apocalypse a very emotional slow tune that slides and slithers its melodic way thru the universe.


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