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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 25 March 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
On Thorns I Lay –Threnos The Xroadie Files Stefanos –Vocals, Chris –Guitar, Antony-Keyboards, Stelios-Drums, Akis-Guitar, Jim-Bass
The Song Of Sirens eerie guitar chords death metal growls and heavy pounding rhythms. Ouranio Deos crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass and dark demonic vocals. Cosmic Silence lost in the blackness of space and time just drifting away. Erynies close your eyes and let your dreams flow into dark places. Misos the pits of hell open and the devil himself slithers out. Threnos just a dark heavy song that envelops your very soul.  Odysseia dreary demonic forces pull you into the blackest parts of your mind.

Woorms – Twitching, As Prey The Xroadie Files Joey Carbo- Guitars/ Vocals/ Noise Trap, John Robinson- Bass/ Vocals, Aaron Polk- Drums
Take His Fucking Leg slow pounding drums and thundering bass with a crunchy stoner rock guitar and deep vocals. Escape Goat rumbling bass thundering drums crunchy guitars and yelling vocals. Unicorn Corn just slowly get pulled in as the riffs slither along. Fire Is A Good Servant eerie tones envelop your senses with some spoken words. Silence And The Saints dark heavy riffs that just envelop your dreams. Beauty Is A Trick Of The Light And Sorrow spoken words strange music eerie that just slithers all around you. Line f slow fist pumping head banging stoner metal madness. Fire Is A Bad Master just let your imagination take you into dark places. Because They Looked Like Crosses crunchy guitars thundering bass pounding drums that just slice and dice thru you. God Botherer strange tones and melodic sounds.

Giobia – Plasmatic Idol The Xroadie Files Bazu –Vocals/ String Instruments, Saffo - Organs / Violins / Vocals, Detrji – Bass, Betta – Drums
Parhelion space rock sounds heavy riffs and just let your imagination float along. In The Dawnlight crunchy guitars solid rhythms interesting space rock psychedelic vocals. Plasmatic Idol swirling keyboards that just envelop you as your dreams take you away. Haridwar take a trip back to the psychedelic days when Pink Floyd ruled the airwaves and just enjoy. The Escape do just what the title says and escape into the very farthest reaches of your imagination. Far Behind catchy riffs space rock psychedelic sounds and drifting music. Heart Of Stone lost in the recess of your mind and dreams. In The Mirror House strange psychedelic stoner space rock music.

Entophyte – End of Society’s Sanity The Xroadie Files Harry Kortboyer - Bass / Vocals (*1969 - † 2008), Matt Byron – Drums, PeterOko–Guitar,Peter Gascoigne–Guitar
End Of Society’s Sanity crunchy guitar strange tempos pounding rhythms just let the music slide all around your senses. Rat Race crunchy guitar pounding drums thundering bass with a marching beat and soaring vocals. Random Victims (Potential Killers) hit the pit slam sweat and just get all your aggression out. Human Machine World chugging riff pounding rhythms searing leads and soaring interesting vocals. The War Of Khyr over 7 minutes of a metallic musical journey that takes you away into your imagination. A Day Less Than Zero crushing riffs thundering rhythms screaming leads and interesting vocals. Imprisoned Souls fast heavy fist pumping metal madness.

Amorphia -  Arms To Death The Xroadie Files Vasu Chandran -Vocal/ Guitar, Vivek Prasad -Drums, FaizanMecci – Bass/Vocals
Intro sounds of the wild and eerie tones. Necromancers fast heavy thrashing grab you by the ball and punch you in the face. Army Of Evil hit the pit slam sweat and just get your aggressions out. Toxic Death hit you in the gut thrashing metal madness. Camp 22 death destruction and mayhem ensues. Nuclear Warfare fist pumping head banging thrash metal. Arms to Death just let the aggression and power envelop you and your senses. Airborne just get ready to be hammered. The Lieber Code spoken words then a crunchy guitar riff with pounding rhythms. Master Of Death hit the pit and just slam away.


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