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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 18 March 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Goblinsmoker – A Throne In Haze A World In Blaze
The Xroadie Files
A - Guitars, Vocals, M – Bass, C – Drums
Smoked In Darkness slow droning heavy music that just slithers along as it devours all in its path. Let Then Rot like a steamroller in slow motion that is rolling over you inch by inch smashing you into the ground. The Forest Mourns heavy dark demonic forces try to destroy the earth.

Beast Of Revelation – The Ancient Ritual Of Death The Xroadie Files A.J. Van Drenth – Guitars/ Bass, John McEntee – Vocals, Bob Bagchus – Drums
Legions dark slow droning heavy music that just slithers toward you with evil vocals. The Great Tribulation the pits of hell open and all manner of evil spews forth slowly and with purpose. The Cryptic Void lost in the darkness without any hope. The Fallen Ones pounding drums thundering bass crushing guitars and gruff demonic vocals. Beast VI just watch in horror as the evil crawls across the land. The Days Of Vengeance death destruction and mayhem devours your soul. The Ancient Ritual Of Death the last moments of life as it pours out of your body. The Unholy Roman Empire screaming leads thundering bass pounding drum dark vocals slow steady and without end. We The Lords of Chaos evil death destruction of your body and soul.

Of Montreal – UR Fun The Xroadie Files Kevin Barnes, Davey Pierce, Nicolas Dobbratz. JoJo Glidewell, Clayton Rychlik
Peace To All The Freaks soft melodies a catchy beat just sing and sway as it moves you.  Polyaneurism strumming guitars punkish new wave vocals a strange tune. Get Gods Attention By Being An Atheist just let he eerie tones flow thru your senses and get up and bounce along. Gypsy That Remains take a trip back to MTV and the new wave experience. You’ve Had Me Everywhere close your eyes and just drift. Carmillas Of Love has a very catchy melodic beat that will just make you sway and sing along. Don’t Let Me Die In America be bop dance and sing as the new wave influences flow all around. St Sebastian danceable new wave pop music. Deliberate Self Harm HaHa slow bluesy tones that just envelop you. 20th Century Schizofriendic Revengoid Man strumming punkish guitars and vocals just pogo and slam dance away.

Pray- ST The Xroadie Files Maud Gibbons – Guitar, Jason Rols- Bass, Antoine Berthet-Bondet- Drums
First Trip heavy psychedelic stoner rock that will just grab ahold of your senses. Heretic Eye just have a few and a toke close your eyes and let your imagination go wild with some scorching leads. Sulphur a very catchy riff that will just envelop you with some great bass drum work. Bottom Of The Universe psychedelic stoner rock magic.
Grafvitnir – NaHash The Xroadie Files Band Members - ????
Summoning Of The Serpent dark evil oppressive music that drags you into hell screaming. Shadowed Portal To the Left Ligh blasting fury that rips you apart from the inside. Viddjurets Aterkomst thrashing death metal madness. Luciferian Flame just shreds ripping and tearing at your soul. Beyond The Black Veil Of Da’ath the pits of the underworld open and demons pew forth devouring all. Sphere of The Acausal just punishing death destruction and mayhem.

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