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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 19 February 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Beat City Tubeworks – I Just Can’t Believe That It’s The Incredible The Xroadie Files Erik Linder- Guitars/ Vocals, Kristian Rigo- Guitars, Henrik Frisk- Drums, Stuart Bayliss– Bass
Gravy Days take a trip back to the 50s and 60s with some boogie woogie rockabilly. The Tourist on your feet dance and sing as the catchy groove envelops you. Rock N Roll Degenerate has a very ACDC – Rose Tattoo feel with a catchy crunchy rhythm. Badlands just kick back and flow with the tune. Rat Race on your feet dance and fist pump as the tune just pulls you in. Let Me In close your eyes and just let the music take you away in your imagination. Stuck In A Groove feedback guitars crunchy riffs thumping bass pounding drums and screaming leads just hang on for one wild ride. Decline To Conform will have the entire crowd on its feet grooving and singing along. Balrog Boogie fast heavy ACDC style boogie with shredding guitars. Shallow N Men get out the air guitars and just jam away. Not So Fortunate Son hard heavy boogie rock metal with tons of emotional playing. Dog On A Leach stand clap and sing along to one catchy tune. Frenetic Magnetic ACDC meets southern rock just get up and dance.

Dave Kerzner – Breakdown A Compilation 1995-2019 The Xroadie Files Dave Kerzner – Vocals/Keyboards, Fernando Perdomo – Guitar, Durga McBroom – Vocals, Lorelei McBroom – Vocals, Derek Cintron – Drums, Nick D’Virgilio – Drums, Marco Minnemann – Drums, Randy McStine – Guitar, Matt Dorsey – Bass, Steve Hackett – Guitar, Francis Dunnery – Guitar, Heather Findlay – Vocals, Dave Kilminster – Guitar, Alex Cromarty – Drums, Jon Davidson – Vocals, Ruti Celli – Cello/Vocals, Kaitlin Wolfberg – Violin/Viola, Satnam Ramgottra – Tabla, Maryem Tollar – Vocals, Christine Leakey – Vocals, Andy Robbins – Bass, Chris Johnson – Guitar, Stuart Fletcher – Bass
Disc One – The Lie just close your eyes and let the music envelop you and pull you into your dreams. Ocean Of Stars (Alternate Version) soft keyboards prog rock vocals take a trip back to the 70s and enjoy. Nothing on your feet clap and sing along to ne catchy tune. Static (Live)flowing prog rock with some amazing musicianship. New World (Live) just let the music take you away into your dreams. The Truth Behind (Live) melodic keyboards soft leads soaring vocals that will take you to one strange place. Reckless (Live) sitting strumming guitars and just enjoying the day. My Old Friend (Alternative Version) just one magical prog rock journey. Joytown (Live) prog rock music that will have you being pulled into strange dreams. Into The Sun (Alternative Version) the emotions just flow thru your very soul.
Disc Two – Paranoia (2019 Version) one strange musical journey thru your dreams. Breakdown heavy beats industrial sounds and space rock prog. Scavengers soaring keyboards soft rhythms then a very catchy riff slides in, Not Readmission (Instrumental Version) soft melodies that just pull you into your imagination and float away. Crash Landing close your eyes and have one psychedelic trip. Every Corner (Instrumental Version) prog rock magic. Island (Reprise) a short melodic piece. All That Is a very psychedelic prog rock musical journey. Only Breathing Out (Alternative Version) synths catchy guitars and keyboards with loads of emotions. Omega Point (Live) just let your imagination take hold and drift away. Not Coming Down (Live) take a trip back in time to a much simpler place.

Blackwood – Of Flies The Xroadie Files Eraldo Berniocchi – All Instruments, Emilia Moncayo – Vocals, Stefania Alos Pedretti – Vocals
Of Flies dark heavy death plodding tones that just pull you into the mouth of hell. Seclusion death and destruction slither along as they devour all in sight. Infraworld the mouth of hell opens and demons crawl out to destroy all.
Float Here Forever – Stacking Tombstones The Xroadie Files Darrell Bazian - Vocals/Guitar, Nick Marko - Drums/Percussion, Don Dyson - Bass, and Kevin Watts – Guitar
Back To Hell crunchy guitars solid drums thumping bass and punkish vocals. Planning To Matter melodies just flow all around and pull you in one catchy tune. Stacking Tombstones just sit around with friends strumming guitars and singing.

Night Goat – Milk The Xroadie Files Julia Bentley – Vocals, Chris Bentley - Guitar/Vocals, Dalin Jones – Bass, Donnie Casey – Drums
Smearcase on ShorbGuitar feedback punk style rhythms and vocals just hit the pit. Dirty Candy starts with a southern style guitar riff and punkish vocals. Malachai rumbling bass crunchy guitars with pounding drums and yelling vocals. Chubby Leech low bass and guitar feedback with strange vocals and steady beats. Jerusalem's lot fats heavy punkish rock n roll. Gnarltooth Grim bass just slowly takes you over then crunchy guitars and pounding drums. My Axe (Your Ribcage) hit the pit slam and sweat the night away. Head Lice strange sounds envelop your senses then a chugging riff takes over. Bonemeal punkish metal mayhem. The Greys fast heavy moshing punkish madness.


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