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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 29 January 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Nova – Veniamo Dal Cielo The Xroadie Files F – Vocals/Electronics/Arrangements, M- Guitar, M.SS – Guitar, R – Bass, P. Stradiotto - Drums
Durezza E Ascetismothe darkess and hatred just envelop and devour your senses. Veniamo Dal Cielo ripping tearing slashing of your very soul. In Lotta Elevata death destruction and mayhem. Fregata Covadonga just slams against you like a wall of aggression. Noi Mai Vinti the pits of hell open up and the demons pour out ready to destroy. La Guerra Delle Ombre eerie tones slithering along with pounding rhythms. Crudele Alba grabs you and pulls you into the madness of hell. Dio Del Ghiaccio E Del Lampo crushing guitars thundering rhythms just take you over. Trovare Chiuso melancholic melodies with chugging rhythms pull you in and take over your imagination.
Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches – Covenant The Xroadie Files Karyn Crisis – Vocals/Invocations, Davide Tiso – Guitar/Bass, Fabian Vestod – Drums
Womb Of The World slow doom metal that just slithers and pounds along as the music brings you closer to madness. Drawing Down The Moon just taking a slow walk in the dark woods with all the eerie sounds that bring your imagination out. Stretto Di Barba like a cloud of evil just swallowing you whole. Silver Valley short melodic tune with many emotions. Great Mothers the mouth of hell opens and demons slide out devouring all in their path. Benevento melodies just flow around you and pull you in. Dea Inside fist in the air crunchy guitars dark vocals and pounding rhythms. Janaradeath doom black magic metal madness. The Hours pulls you into the recesses of your mind. Diana Mellifica close your eyes and let your imagination go wild. Circle Of White Light melodies surrounding and protecting you. Blood Of The Mother piercing guitars soulful vocals that just take your soul away.

Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust The Xroadie Files Amy Tung Barrysmith – Vocals/Bass, Jon Barrysmith – Drums
The Battle Of White Mountain bass that rumbles and envelops you as the drums pound into your heart slow and steady with emotional vocals. The Divine close your eyes and let the moody tones take you away into your imagination. Ash And Dust doom metal madness that just assaults your senses. Demons the earth slices open and hordes of evil things just spillout. Into The Fray just let the groove envelop you and take you away. At The Edge slow moody emotional doom metal. Dark Swan pounding fist pumping tribal rhythms that just pull you in. Dust In Despair a strange space rock doom metal rock exploration.

Planchettes – The Truth The Xroadie Files Kevan – Guitar/ Vocals, Traalita– Bass/ BG Vocals, Andres O - Drums
Snow Pig a catchy rhythm that just takes you over and has you on your feet and dancing. Mourning Sun take a trip back to the psychedelic 60smixed with some new wave influences and just rock out.  Let’s Last Forever has a great memorable rhythm with sing along vocals. Wet Graves surf rock beach influenced new wave punk rock n roll. The Truth just let the music envelop you and dance away. She’s So Violent slow crunchy psychedelic new wave punk music. Death In Bloom a trip back to the late 60s and some g fine tunes. Empress Of Fools surf rock punk music. Everyone Else just get up and groove with the rhythm as you sing away. La Fin Du Monde fun grooving catchy music. Angel’s Wing on your feet just bop and dance along.

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Very Uncertain Times The Xroadie Files John Redfern – Guitar/Vocals, Serra Petale - Drums, Louis Wigget- Bass
Very Uncertain Times fast heavy space hard rock with interesting twists. Ten Years Later screaming guitars pounding rhythms and fist pumping riffs to just head bang with. The Third Degree take a trip back to the hard rock screaming guitars and thundering beats. Mr. Freedom has a riff that just takes you over and has you up and rocking out. Iceberg screeching guitars thundering bass a very bluesy feel and great emotional playing. Blackworth Quarry take a trip back to the 70s when band like The MC5 and Grand Funk ruled mixed with early Motorhead just excellent hard rock n roll to jam away with. Biscuits For Victor on your feet and just let the groove envelop you as you sing and sway. No Man’s Land fist pumping head banging Motorhead Meets Black Sabbath music.


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