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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 22 January 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Risk On Da Disk - When The Smoke Clears The Xroadie Files Killa West – Vocals, Mikey Dread 007 – Guitar/Bass, Monsta Hood – Guitar, Don T – Drums
Lookin For A Love rap vocals a funky beat and bluesy jazzy overtones what a wild trip. Daylight Comes To Fast just sway and groove along as the music envelops you. Evangeline kick back smoke a few and just relax to the reggae style tune. WhatchaGonna Do on your feet sway and just enjoy the melodies. Miles And Miles a very flowing guitars melody just takes over your emotions with some rap vocals.   Trials And Tribulations close your eyes and just drift. Color My Dreams a trip back to the hip hop rap of the mtv era. Willow Weeps grooving and swaying as the music takes over you. Too Hot Too Handle reggae jazz hip hop stylings. Light It Up just kickin it with friends and enjoying the tunes.

Telescopium – Signs Of Life The Xroadie Files Parthan Shiv – Guitar/Vocals, Lenny Trinceri – Bass/Vocals, Michael Liberatore – Drums, (Guest Musicians) – Nick Lee – Guitar, Leo John – Guitar
Andromeda just let the prog music flow thru you and take over your senses. Fight rumbling bass catchy riffs a cross between Rush and Dream Theater with some amazing musicianship. Superman Returns close your eyes and just drift along as the tones take your imagination to some wild places. Goodbye fist in the air head banging prog metal madness. Ashes And Embers electric guitars that just pierce your soul with a catchy rhythm that just envelops you and soulful vocals. Sea And Sky one great prog rock metal tune that takes you back to the late 70s.

Element X – All Or Nothing The Xroadie Files Dave Cullen – Vocals, Franco Buonocore – Guitar, Ian Kenna – Guitar, Hugo Hernandes – Bass, Rodrigo Alonso – Drums
The Angel Or The Demon a very heavy catchy riff fist pumping rhythms screaming guitars and sing along vocals. Temptations fist pumping head banging classical metal madness. The End screaming guitars fast rhythms pounding drums thundering bass just hold on for one wild ride. Room 13 a very crunchy guitar riff solid as a rock drum beat and thumping bass just fist pump away. Snake Eyes is a hop in your car crank up the tunes and just rock out down the highway. Heart Of Fire screaming guitars pounding drums thundering bass fist pumping head banging metal magic.

Coyote Kid – Skeleton Man The Xroadie Files Austin Durry- Vocals/Guitar, Cassandra Valentine – Vocals/Keyboards, Austin Wilder – Bass/Percussion, John  Bones Baumgartner- Trombone/Trumpet/Euphonium, Kian Dziak – Drums/Guitar
The New Dark Age spoken words and eerie tones that just surround you. Femme Fatale crunchy guitars solid beats thumping bass and excellent sing along vocals. Tough Kids has a spaghetti western feel that just pulls you in. Prowler sitting in a smoky bar just having a few and listening to the band onstage. Strange Days close your eyes and just let your imagination flow. Dark Science on your feet and just dance away the night. Electric Lover a slow moody tune that just envelops your senses. Vision in Black slow melancholic vocals with strumming western guitar that grows heavier ne at the end. Destroyer Of Worlds has a reggae feel with a very funky feel. Undertaker take a trip back to the 60s and some catchy countrified music. Backbone close your eyes and just drift. Runs melancholic song with a catchy groove and sing along vocals. Skeleton Man very melodic tune that just pulls out many emotions.

Immanifest – Macrobial The Xroadie Files Anton Kalaj – Guitar/Synths, Asgrim Allen Nunn – Guitar/Synths/Clean Vocals, Eric Avant – Vocals, Christopher Sortino – Vocals, David Belmonte – Bass, Chris Pistillo – Drums
Energy Weapons Formed Against Us eerie tones slither around you as the evil devours your soul. Ultraterresterial Creation the pits of hell open and demons pour forth. Wandjina chugging guitars dark melodies pounding rhythms and deep demonic vocals. Emissaries Of Ikhenaton slowly the darkness envelops your senses before ripping you to shreds. Black Miracle melancholic tones that just devour your spirit. Jahbulon’s Labyrinth ripping tearing shredding of your body and soul. OrbisSpecularithe dark tones just slither all around and thru your imagination. Niflheimfist pumping head banging death metal mayhem. Spirits Of Old just grabs you and slams you with aggressive notes.


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