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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 15 January 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Gevaudan – Iter The Xroadie Files Adam Pirmohamed – Vocals, Bruce Hamilton – Guitar, Andy Salt – Bass, David Himbury – Drums
Dawntreader slow guitar melodies just slide all around your senses then the music grows heavier and more sinister doom and gloom stoner metal. Maelstrom low bass strange sounds envelop you as it works its way into you with some great guitar work and pounding rhythms. The Great Heathen Army stand and fist pump as you groove along to one crunchy stoner rock metal anthem in the style of original Black Sabbath. Saints of Blood just close your eyes and let the music take you away into your imagination. Duskwalker a strange mind trip thru your inner thoughts.

Plague Pit – Labyrinthine The Xroadie Files Band Members – Unknown
Accursed Clay pounding thrashing shredding death madness. The Gift Of Unknowning eerie tones that just slither then grab you and slam you against the ground. Feverish Stupor evil rises and just devours all. Labyrinthine the pits of hell open and demons pour forth as they eat your soul.

In Sanity – Welcome To The Show   The Xroadie Files Erik Sollmann – Vocals, John Turner – Guitar, Nino Carovac- Guitar, Andrey Astafiev – Bass, Tim Lobner – Guitar, Sophia Voss – Drums
The Stendal Syndrome chugging riff pounding drums thundering bass screaming death metal vocals just hang on for the ride. Watermark fist pumping head banging death madness. Welcome To The Show just get ready for one melodic death metal journey thru your mind. Damaged Gods squealing guitars thundering rhythms crunchy riffs and vocals that just rip your heart out. High Rise eerie guitar tones pierce thru you then a pit thrashing riff that will have you moshing all around. On Lucid Nightmares just close your eyes and let your imagination take you to dark places. New World Order a very catchy melody and pounding rhythm that will have you on your feet fist pumping and singing. Blood And Clay fast heavy speed thrash death metal madness. Your End Will Justify The Means will have the entire crowd moshing and head banging till the last note. Quantum Leap melodic metal that just envelops your soul. Dance of The Jackals hard driving melodic death metal Headbanging fist pumping foot stomping mayhem. Hellward Bound just hang on for the ride of your life.

Juggernaut –Neuroteque The Xroadie Files Andrea Carletti – Guitar/Sitar/Samples, Roberto Cippitelli – Bass/Glockenspiel/ Vibraslap/Synths, Matteo D’Amicis – Drums/ ATV A Frame/ Egg And Soft Shaker/ Tambourine/ Tabla/ Senasel/ Trash Can, Luigi Farina – Guitar/Synths
Limina tones that just envelop you and pull you into a dark abyss of nothingness as the melodies change tempos several times. Astor thumping bass pounding drums with a very jazzy influence but in a heavier metal prog style. Ipnonauta just close your eyes and let your mind drift away. Charade an excellent prog metal tune that just lets your imagination run free with some amazing musicianship and a catchy riff. Titanismo lost in space and time your mind wandering in darkness. Aracnival swirling synths funky bass prog rock metal emotions just take a wild trip. Orbitalia one imagination magical musical journey.
The Whirlings – Earthshine The Xroadie Files Andrea Lolli- Guitar,MattiaLolli – Guitar/Synths, Diego La Chioma – Bass/Synths, Giulio Corona – Drums
Vacuum close your eyes and take a trip back to the prog rock psychedelia of the 60s and early 70s just trip away. Reverence melodies just envelop your soul as it pulls in many emotions with some amazing musicianship. #6 psychedelic tones solid rhythms and a very space rock feel. Good For Health, Bad For Education soft melodies just surround you as the music pulls you into the recesses of your soul near the end it has an almost stoner rock feel with emotional guitars. Lost In Whiteout just let your imagination take over for a very trippy space rock stoner psychedelic prog adventure.

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