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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 08 January 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Anthony Phillips – Strings Of Light The Xroadie Files Anthony Phillips – Guitar
(Disc 1) - Jour De Fete just flow along with the melodic tones. Diamond Meadows close your eyes and just drift. Caprice In Three soft floating tones that just envelop your senses. Castle Ruins take a magical music al journey. Mermaids And Wine Maidens floating on an ocean of melodies. Winter Lights emotions run thru you. Song For Andy sit back with some wine and just enjoy. Pilgrimage Of Grace sitting around a fire playing and just letting your imagination go. Skies Crying musical guitar tones that just flow like magic. Mouse Trip a very happy tune. Restless Heart emotional guitar that just grabs you. Still Rain just let your emotions take over you.
(Disc 2) – Into The Void lost in time and space. Andean Explorer taking a trip thru your mind’s eye. Mystery Tale just kick back and relax. Sunset Riverbank sitting by the river watching the sunset. Tale Ender strange sounds. Shoreline just close your eyes and drift away. Days Gone By soft guitar tone floating along the air. Crystalline relax and just enjoy. Fleur-De-Lys emotional guitar notes that envelop you. Grand Tour one magical musical journey. Home Road mandolins just pluck away. Life Story a ten-minute magical musical trip thru the recesses of your imagination.

In Human Form – III The Xroadie Files Nicolas Clark – Guitar/Alto Sax/Keyboards/Samples/Spoken Words, Rich Dixon – Drums, Patrick Dupras-Vocals, Shalin Shah –Bass, Dave Karnisky – Guitar, (Guest Musicians) – Evan Crandell – Alto,Tenor And Baritone Saxophone, Hannah Pitkin – Vocals
Apocrypha Carrion screaming vocals pounding drums thundering bass and chainsaw riffs that have some interesting tempo changes but still pummel you for over 18 minutes. Weeping Stones searing leads solid rhythms with a very blues based feel that just let your imagination flow. Canonical Detritus a very strange eerie mind trip of over 22 minutes try to survive the journey.
Benighted In Sodom – Carrion Of Poison Apples The Xroadie Files Rueben Christopher Jordan – Everything
Last Stop on My Way To Hell eerie tone spoken words with demonic overtones. Dead By 33 has a eerie but catchy riff that just envelops your soul. Open Heart Open Grave the earth slowly opens and death slithers out. World Without Mend chugging guitars gothic vocals and music that just swallows your senses. Raised Southern Baptist heavy riffs pounding rhythms and crunchy guitars with gothic death vocals. The Heroin Sleep the music just slides around and thru you. Heart Shaped Box melancholic guitars and gothic vocals slow and eerie an interesting cover of the Nirvana tune. Never Ever After pulls you right into the mouth of hell.

Ploughshare – Tellurian Insurgency The Xroadie Files Max – Vocals/Guitar, Rohan – Vocals/Guitar, David – Vocals/Bass, Elliot - Drums
Abreactive Trance the pit of hell open up demons spew forth and destroy all. Indistinguishable Beast Of Flight lost in time space and total blackness. In Offal, Salvation (Andrew Nolan Re-Mix) the music just slithers around you the rips you to shreds. Xeno-Chemical Insider pulled into the darkness of your nightmares.
Sartegos – O Sangue Da Noite The Xroadie Files Rou Morgade – Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals
Ventos (Preludio) eeire tones that worm their way into your mind. Sangue E Noite chugging riffs pounding rhythms and dark vocals. Lajes Em Tormento E Decadencia shredding ripping tearing of your soul. Solpor Dos Misterios slithers towards you with extreme hatred. Jugular (Interludio) melancholic tones that just slide inside you. Arqueiro the mouth of hell opens and demons pour forth slicing and dicing. As DevesasSom Dos Lobos slow melancholic melodies surround your senses before pummeling you into the earth. Baphomet No Rashulmat fast heavy shredding death black madness. Poco E Serpe just slams against you as it rips you into pieces. Aguas Negras (Final) melancholic madness.

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