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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 01 January 2020 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
AyahuascA – Naad The Xroadie Files Domiziana Pelati – Vocals, Rebecca Magri – Synth/Vocals, Mattia Mazzeo – Guitar/ Vocals, Andrea De Dominicis – Bass, Matteo Orzi – Drums
Intro melodies just envelop your senses. Vicious Mothers close your eyes and just let your imagination drift away. Masses a slow bluesy tune that will just envelop you. Before Death take a trip back to the psychedelic 60s and just let the music flow thru you. I Wanna Fall strumming guitars melodic vocals and a catchy riff that just pulls you in. Inner Space lost in your inner mind drifting along. Before Life pounding tribal drums psychedelic acid rock guitars and thumping bass get up and groove along. The Black One on your feet clapping and dancing the night away. Underwater low bass that just rumbles you with some jazzy bluesy psychedelic guitars and scorching leads. The Seer & The Queen just a slow psychedelic trip thru your mind.
Formless Master – First Strike The Xroadie Files Takafumi Matsubara – Guitar/Bass, Crawlin Lewis – Drums, Matthias Joyce – Vocals, Jim Kahmann – Vocals, Kevin Ortega – Vocals,
First Strike ripping tearing shredding death metal. Fatal Impasse spoken words then music that just pummels you. Mata Leon strange sounds then pulled into the madness. Powerful Front Kick a very shirt musical madness. Cut Down At Sunset just slams you with aggression. Learn The Art Of Dying spoken words then the pits of hell open and drag you in. Formless Master karate sounds the music that just slams at you with furious intensity.

Syreregn – Cogito Ergo Sum The Xroadie Files Thor Boding – Bass/Vocals, Rasmus Kurdahl – Drums, Jacob Rasmussen – Keyboards/Synths, Nick Willum Thogersen – Guitar
Cogito Ergo Sum child speaking swirling sounds then a psychedelic sound that just envelops you. Golem close your eyes and just let your imagination take off. KanKanIkke has a very catchy groove that just envelops your senses. NoterTil Shelly space rock psychedelia hard rock music. I SjaelOgStalover 11 minutes of on excellent prog rock mind trip with some amazing musicianship.

Nektar – Skywriter/Devils Door (Single) The Xroadie Files Ron Howden – Drums/PercussionVocals, Derek Moore – Bass/Keyboards/Vocals, Mick Brockett – Special Effects, Ryche Chlandra – Guitar/Vocals, Randy Dembo – Bass/Bass Pedals, Kendall Scott – Keyboards
Skywriter a very catchy percussion then a melodic piano with soulful vocals and flowing music take a trip back to the 70s and some excellent music. Devils Door just close your eyes and drift thru the recesses of your imagination. Skywriter (Radio Edit) shorter version for radio.

Cornell C.C. Carter – Absolutely The Xroadie Files Cornell Carter – Vocals, Eddie M – Saxophone, Rich Armstrong – Trumpet, Brian Braziel – Drums, James Henry – Percussion, Guitar – Dave Shul/ Larry White, Cam Perridge, Nate Soulsanger – Vocals
Say Yes sitting in a smoky bar listening to the MoTown sounds coming from the band on stage. I See Love swaying and sing along as the groove catches you. Earn It slow emotional jazz that just flows all around. Come Live With Me Angel close your eyes and just drift on the magical melodic tones. I Could Never take a trip back to the disco 70s and just dance. Ever Since grab your lover and just slowly way to the soulful rhythm. Love Thang is a trip back to when disco ruled the airwaves. Morning Touched jazzy Motown tones just grab ahold and have you dancing. Ghosted stand dance and sing along. We’re A Winner a catchy groove that takes you over.


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