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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 11 December 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Cleric - Serpent Psalms The Xroadie Files
Zac Christian – Vocals, Chris Richardson – Guitar, Cody Tatum – Guitar, John Schiller – Bass, Zach Jobin – Drums
Maw Of Absolution eerie tones envelop you then death destruction and madness ensues. Lucifer Triumphant crunchy grinding riffs that just slice and dice you into pieces.  Of Twilight And Of The Grave strange sounds drive into the recess of your mind as the music grows heavier and more demonic. Possessed in Congress just opens the mouth of hell and shred you into oblivion. Unending Spectral Bloodshed mayhem and death envelop the earth. All Death Unseeing doomy dark heavy death and destruction. Satan Be Thy Name rumbling bass pounding drums chugging guitars and vocals from the mouth of hell. Forever Coils The Serpent (Opener Of The Way) darkness and despair just ravage you. Destroying Eye Of The Self slowly being drug into hell before being ripped to shreds.

Crystal Beth – Push Thru The Xroadie Files Crystal Beth – Vocals/Clarinet/ Line 6 DL4/ Boxx RC20XL Loop Station
Push Thru pulsing beats rapping vocals and strange sounds with a hip hop flavor. One Piece soft melodies just envelop your senses. Shrill clap and dance along as the rap flow around you. Dolphy just take a jazzy trip thru your mind. Go Fast pulsating rhythms with soft melodies. Invocation just close your eyes and drift away. Kali Out a musical journey thru the outer places in the world. So Much Hurts just let the imagination flow.
Witchbones -  The Seas of Draugen The Xroadie Files Vardlokker – Everything
The Nun Collector eerie tones just envelop you and pull you into blackness. Whispering Martyr death and mayhem annihilate your senses. The Seas Of Draugen the pits of hell open and demons spew forth. Nebulous Ghost Ship the blackness of hate envelops your soul. The Ritual Continues (We Haunt Ourselves) a smoky evil envelops and pulls you into the dark recesses of your mind. At The Shores (Draugens Revenge) madness destroys all. The Candle Burns Alone (Dead Sailors) melancholic eerie destructive tones devour you.

Trippy Wicked And The Cosmic Children Of The Knight -  Movin On Singles The Xroadie Files Pete Holland – Vocals/Guitar/Brass, Dicky King – Bass, Chris West – Drums
Evil strange sounds envelop you as the darkness closes in. Hark At You pounding drums thumping bass chugging overdriven guitars and stoner rock vocals.Things Go Up slow doom music that just drags you along with it. I Wanna Be crunchy doomy stoner rock that just pulls you into the depths of your mind.
Wasted – Electrified The Xroadie Files Thomas X – Guitar, T. Pedersen – Guitar, C. Jepsen – Bass, A. Sorensen – Drums, M. Sonne – Vocals
Halloween starts with the classic sound of the Halloween movie then dark crunchy guitar and powerful vocals slow and doomy. Electrified eerie guitars just envelop you with some searing leads then a fast heavy fist pumping metal riff kicks in with power and glory. Chained fist pumping head banging guitar screaming soaring vocals metal mayhem. Demons Re-Calling grab you air guitars and hang on for one wild ride. Age Of Power shredding guitar pounding rhythms and soaring powerful vocals old school metal style. Forces Of Evil thundering rhythms chugging guitars screaming leads and powerful vocals. Evil head banging fist pumping chainsaw riffs pounding rhythms soaring vocals metal. Your Own Private Pain crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass soaring vocals and searing leads. Ought To Be Bad speed metal madness. Toys fist pumping foot stomping heavy metal.


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