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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 13 November 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Hawkestrel –The Future Is Us The Xroadie Files Alan Davey – Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Synths/Drum Arrangements/Oud/Piano Nik Turner – Saxophone, Lemmy Kilmister –Vocals, Ginger Baker – Drums/Percussion, Simon House – Violin, Huw Lloyd Langton – Acoustic Guitar/Harp, Paul Rudolph – Guitar, Mick Slattery- Guitar, Bridget Wishart – Vocals, William Shatner – Vocals, Nigel Potter – Vocal Breaths /Cries and Screams, Kevin M Sommers - Vocals
Do What You Need To Do close your eyes and get ready to trip on some classic old school psychedelic rock. World Of Fear swirling keyboards spacy sounds and steady rhythm that just envelop your senses. Sea Of Sand a moody psychedelic mind trip. Nyx Of Chaos melodies float all around as they pull you into a strange place. The Future Is Us take a trip back to the 70s with some jazz influenced prog rock music. Sonic Attack space rock sounds spoken words and just a trip thru your imagination. 12 String Shuffle slow bluesy music that will just have you kicking back and enjoying a cold one. May Sun slow moody bass that just rumbles thru you with psychedelic music flowing along with it.  Goodbye Death Valley get up dance and rock out to a very catchy tune. Free Like Us bass that just grabs you and won’t let go as the music takes you on a trip thru your senses. Old Dinah a trip back to the psychedelic progressive late 60s just enjoy the ride. Hawkestrel close your eyes and just trip away. Bad Boys for Life (2019 AD Version) hard psychedelic prog rock n roll.

Pat Travers – Swing The Xroadie Files Pat Travers – Guitar/Vocals, Tommy Craig – Drums, David Pastorius - Bass, Tim Franklin – Upright Bass
Sing Sing Sing a very catchy drum beat takes you over then just get up and swing and dance away as the music fills you with wonderment with some excellent lead guitar work.Opus One bluesy guitars steady beats thumping bass just enjoy the ride. Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby slow jazzy blues music filled with emotions that just flow thru your senses. In The Mood will have you up and just dancing away the night. Takin The A Train snap your fingers sway your hips and just take a musical journey back to the time of big bands with an added twist of some great lead guitar. Let The Good Times Roll grab your partner and get on the dance floor and slow dance away the night. Apple Honey feel good old time swing rock n roll updated with a rock band. Tenderly slow melodies that just takes you away in your imagination.

National Wrecking Company – ST The Xroadie Files JZ Barrell –Song Arrangements,Jesse Berlin – Guitar, Phil Bader – Guitar, Bernie Torme – Guest Guitarist, Randy Pratt – Bass, TC Tolliver – Drums, Neil Cicione – Drums, Jimmy Kunes – Vocals, Scott Treibitz – Keyboards
Supersonic slow bluesy music that just takes over your senses and has you up and grooving along. King Of All I See emotional vocals a catchy riff excellent bass drums interplay and catchy riffs. Beast searing leads catchy grooves and emotional vocals that just take you away. Molotov close your eyes and just drift along with some psychedelic bluesy tones. Holy Creatures stand up clap and sing along as the music pulls you in.  Blood Moon Rising swing and groove as the music just pierces your soul. Return To Jesus has a very funky feel that will have enjoying the trip. Praise Yourself a very bluesy jazzy feel good funky tune. Whirlpool World a psychedelic mind trip. End Of Days a very catchy emotional tune with loads of amazing guitar work and solid as a rock rhythms and excellent vocals. Overture/Mechanized Confusion (Featuring The Late Bernie Torme) strange guitar sounds and catchy slow rhythms with some amazing lead work that just slide and slither thru your very imagination.
Inherit The Stars – Two One Three The Xroadie Files Daniel Jeffery - Vocals, Lewis Wild - Bass, Chris Brayshaw - Guitar
Two One Three swirling keyboards melodic vocals and steady rhythms with catchy riffs.  Giving Up fats heavy kick you in the teeth space rock metal mayhem that slows to a crawl before picking up speed again back and forth. Like An Animal spoken words crunchy riffs pounding beats that just drag you along with some tempo changes. Erase Your Pain strange catchy rhythms with interesting emotional vocals melodic and gruff. Baba Yaga space rock keyboards gruff vocals and crunchy riffs that just punch at you.   Hope soft melodies just flow all around as you close your eyes and drift. We Can Believe a catchy beat mixed vocals hard music and interesting twists. Despair does just what the song title says pulls you into despair. The King And Queen hard heavy riffs with melodic vocals and pounding rhythms and added gruff vocals. The Highs The Lows just grabs you and slams you into the ground with aggression then has some spots of melodic interludes. The Space Between an eerie spacy weird musical trip.

The Grand Mal – ST The Xroadie Files Ryan Cole – Guitar, Elliot Cole –Drums Dave O -Vocals, Rob Glenn - Bass
Explode pounding rhythms crunchy riffs thumping bass fist pumping sing along music. No Man’s Land a very interesting catchy rhythm that just takes you over and takes you down a strange musical path. Burning Truth bluesy crunchy rock that has you up and grooving along. Synapse Transmission slow doomy Sabbath style metal that just envelops your senses. Liquid Death has a very catchy riff that pulls you in and has you up fist pumping and grooving along. Glitch guitars melodies that just surround you with some very progressive metal rhythms. Pig In The Python low rumbling bass pounding drums crunchy guitars and excellent vocals. Eschaton low moody doom metal that just slithers along as it pulls you with it. Black Spiral feedback crunchy guitars sow pounding drums and thundering bass with some interesting vocals. Significant just close your eyes and for over 8 minutes just take one strange moody musical journey.


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