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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 09 October 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Darchon – Oionis The Xroadie Files Darchon – All Instruments/Vocals
Nyx Melena sounds of a storm and wildlife at night then the bowels of hell open up and spew forth. Moros eerie sounds envelop your senses as the slowly pull you into the dark abyss. Astron Uranion Ieron Selas heavy dark eerie music that takes you imagination to many places you don’t want to go. Ionos melancholic tones and notes that just take over your senses.
Divebomb Records – Label Sampler Volume 1 - 2019 The Xroadie Files Bands – 313, Acridity, Dire Peril, Disciples Of Power, Iron Flame, Knights Reign, Messano, Pyracanda, Skitzo, Vermithrax
Songs – Black And White duel leads pounding beats chugging riffs and soaring vocals fist pump and sing along. Countdown To Terror fast riffs p thundering beats speed metal mayhem. Queen Of The Galaxy is a very catchy fist in the air head banging tune with great melodies and musicianship. Pharmaceutical Suicide thrashing shredding pounding rumbling grab you and slam you to the ground dark metal. The Contract is a very Iron maiden influences metal tune. The Other Side swirling keyboards searing guitars solid beats and soaring vocals. Hide Our Love Away (Tell Me Why) is great 80s hard rock with tons of melodies and great sing along vocals. Top Gun speed metal chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and soaring vocals just enjoy the musical trip.  Symmetrical heavy pounding metal with scorching leads and rumbling rhythms. Enoch dark eerie rhythms searing leads and soaring vocals just fist pump along.

Divebomb Records – Label Sampler Volume 2- 2019 The Xroadie Files Bands – Inner Strength songs 1&7, Eradikator song 2, Wrekking Machine song 3, N.M.E. song 4, Meliah Rage songs 5&9, State Of Mind song 6,  Statue song 8, Heavenward – song 10
Songs – Sunrise Dreamer fast heavy fist pumping head banging metal to just enjoy the ride. Poisoned To Sorrow slow melodic catchy riffs pounding beats scorching leads just get our the air guitars and rock n roll. Hear Me know (Listen To Me Later) industrial sounds thrashing riffs speed thrash metal mayhem. Walk On hit the pit and just slam and sweat as the music takes you over. Blacksmith fist pumping head banging metal just let the music take you over and totally enjoy the ride. Weight Of The World speeding thrashing shredding music that just runs you over. Genetic Excellence speed metal in the classic style chugging riffs soaring vocals and pounding rhythm. Up And Down hit the pit mosh and slam away to the aggressive riffs. The Deep And Dreamless Sleep eerie moody melancholic guitars pierce your very soul with solid rhythms and great vocals as the music grows in speed and intensity. Of Things To Come soaring vocals fist pumping riffs and interesting tempo changes just try to hold on.
Hellvetron – Trident Of Tartarean Gateways The Xroadie Files Alal’Xhaastur – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards, Xaosforos – Percussion, N. Bhairava – Guitar, L. Vexzillifer – Guitar
I. Opening- Queen Of The Void eerie tone envelope your senses then strange dark music takes you mind to the black abyss. II. Initiation- Lustful Witchcra the strange sounds pull you in as the world grows dark and painful.  III. Blessing – Anointed Under A slowly the bowles of hell open up and all kinds of evil slither out. IV. Evocation- King Of Thaumiel lost and drifting in darkness and space just trying to keep from going mad.  V. Prayer- Draconian Witchblood evil gathers and conjures up more demonic entity’s. VI. Offering- Sole Dark God chugging marching hordes slowly gather to reign havoc on the earth. VII. Rite-Tartarean Gateways slow demonic sounds rise then the masses of dark evil slam rise and devour. VIII.Conjuration- Blood Of Ancie just try and survive the evil demonic sounds. IX. Transformation- Altar Of Sco slow steady evil forces rise to search and destroy.

Reign In Blood – Missa Pro Defuncttis The Xroadie Files Demon Raise – Vocals/Strings, Malus Deus – Lead Strings/Bass
Invoke The Shapeless Ones demonic forces slowly rise from hell. Dawn Of A Dying Soul blast you in the full face with dark fury. Black Hole grabs you and drags you along for one wild trip. Metamorphose With The Universe thrashing crashing ripping tearing death metal. Missa Pro Defunctis slow steady drums thundering bass chainsaw guitars and growly vocals before knocking you into oblivion. Domus Mortuorum chugging riffs pounding rhythms cutting and slicing at your very soul then it just pummels you into submission. Anima vocals from the mouth of hell and eerie demonic music that pulls at your mind. Wolfhour heavy cutting pounding eerie music that just grabs you and won’t let go. Into Nothingness just bleak darkness and sorrow.


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