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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 05 June 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Sadism – Ethereal Death Cult The Xroadie Files Ricardo Roberts – Vocals, Juan Edo Moore – Bass, Gabriel Hidalgo – Guitar, Juan Pablo Donoso – Drums
Light Embrace heavy grinding growling death metal. No Opposites hard fast punch you in the face aggressive music. Agonize slow brooding hard heavy melancholic tones that just slice thru you. Black Halo Solaris heavy death moody dark music. Hypnotic Conjuring just grabs you by the throat and throws you to the ground. The Burial Is Ours speeding crashing guitars thundering rhythms and growling vocals. The Spectral Veils opens up the pit of hell and just watch the hordes of demon’s rise. The Slanderer slow plodding dark heavy dementia. Ethereal Death Cult just punches you in the face and leaves you a bloody mess. Full of Parasites chugging rhythms pounding beats and gruff vocals.

Cabrio – Devotion And Hate The Xroadie Files Andres Cabrio Marchant – Vocals, Alberto Arenas – Guitar, Rod Leiva – Drums, Julio Constanzo – Guitar, Mauricio Pena – Bass
Twenty Thousand Tons chugging thrashing ripping shredding tearing with yelling punkish vocals. I Have Become chainsaw riffs pounding beats thundering bass and yelling gruff vocals just hit the pit and thrash away. Arzamas thrash style riffs pounding drums thundering bass and old school style thrash vocals just hang on. Seed of Deception aggressive rhythms gruff vocals thrashing beats and pounding rhythms. Man Made God starts off eerie and kind of strange just drags you into hell. The Rapture fast heavy fist in the face metal. Violence And Solitude hit the pit slam sweat and just crush each other relentlessly. Dios Sin Fe eerie melancholic guitars then a punch in the face slam you against the wall thrash metal mayhem.

Thronehammer -  Usurper of The Oaken Throne The Xroadie Files Kat Shevil Gillham – Vocals, Stuart Bootsy West – Guitar/Synths/Fx, Tim Schmidt – Bass/Drums
Behind The Wall Of Frost slow heavy doomy melancholic stoner rock that just drags you along. Conquered And Erased opens up the gates of inner earth with a slow plodding sound that just pulls you into a dark abyss. Warhorn over 19 minutes of a dark melancholic musical journey. Svarte Skyler heavy chugging dementia that just runs thru your very senses. Thronehammer like the slow drone of a steam roller pulling itself along a dark dingy road. Usurper Of The Oaken Throne open up the gates of hell and slowly demons crawl out and devour every last soul.

Lost In Pain – Gold Hunters The Xroadie Files Hugo Centeno – Vocals/Guitar, Dario Raguso – Guitar, Luca Daresta – Drums, Nathalie Haas – Bass
Gold Hunters dark melancholic music that just drowns your soul in misery. Mining For Salvation chugging thrashing shredding heavy metal music that will have you up and slamming away. Revolt fist in the air head banging chugging rhythms with loads of emotions and air guitar riffs. Rebellious Protestors low rumbling bass pounding drums thrash style guitar riffs and excellent vocals just fist pump and sing along. Burnout has a very catchy rhythm that just takes over and has you rocking out till the end. A Word is a riff that just grabs ahold and won’t let go get up head bang and fist in the air sing along metal. God Of Destruction emotional lead bluesy guitar that just stings the soul and a chugging rhythm. The Great Illusion fist pumping foot stomping head banging metal magic.

Corrosive – Nourished By Blood The Xroadie Files Andy–Vocals, Jona – Guitar, Sascha S, – Bass, Timo – Drums, Stephan Becker – Guitar
Intro eerie sounds envelop you. Bleeding By The Beast fast heavy pound you in the face death thrashing metal mayhem. Field of Corpses chugging ripping tearing shredding metal. Sleep Paralysis fist in the air rhythm pounding dark heavy and demented. Notzucht Der Hexe fist in the air foot stomping head banging riffs with gruff demonic vocals. The Holy Priest just slams you against a wall over and over relentlessly. Shrunken Head Necklace eerie sounds envelop you then a crushing shredding rhythm that just pounds away at you. War Is My Inspiration searing leads pounding drums thundering bass growling vocals and dark demented music. Blind Eyes chugging ripping tearing shredding death metal. God Gives eerie spoken words chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and demonic vocals. You Don’t Leave Me Alive ripping tearing shredding pounding thrashing aggressive metal mayhem. Ghostbusters fast heavy punch you in the face and slam you against a wall aggressive dark cover tune.


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