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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 27 February 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
A Novelist – Folie The Xroadie Files Ben Nugent – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards, Effects, Alex Babineaux – Drums, MarcLinam– Saxophone/Clarinet/Oboe/Flute
Folie Noire flowing melodic guitars soft vocals carry you away to a strange place. Exteriors searing lead guitars shred away with a pounding beat and growling vocals. Tombeau ripping tearing shredding growling. Apparitions eerie sounds envelope your very senses. His Kingdom Is Vast strange emotions flow all around you. Strangers in The House Of Auto Da Fe heavy pounding shredding death metal. Acacia Crown evil rises from underneath and just swallows you whole. Caveat Lector strange tripping melodies take you down a dark path. Stockholm Blues heavy fast pounding rhythms rip and tear away. Crestfallen chugging guitars pounding beats strange vocals. Learning Paralysis ripping tearing shredding emotions. Interiors strange sounds and rhythms just flow around and thru you.

Sofy Major – Total Dump The Xroadie Files Mathieu - Drums, Tom – Guitar, Mathieu – Bass/Vocals
Total Dump spoken words heavy rhythms crunchy guitars and interesting vocals.  Giant Car Crash fast heavy punk influenced metal. Cream It rumbling bass interesting melodies that just make for one strange trip. Strike hard heavy hit the pit and thrash about. The Jerk thundering bass pounding drums and sing along vocals with chugging guitars. Skinny Happy Asshole has a strange rhythm that just takes you over. Franck Butthole slow and eerie sounds envelope you. Tumor O Rama pounding drums interesting riffs that just catch your foot tapping along. Kerosine Mike low bass pounding beats slow and steady with some interesting melodies. Panamarama strange trippy sounds make your emotions flow. The Longest Yard bass that just rumbles thru you and chugging guitars with interesting rhythms.

Mark Deutrom – The Blue Bird The Xroadie Files Mark Deutrom – Guitar/Vocals, RL Hulman – Drums, Aaron Lack – Drums, Brian Ramirez – Bass
No Space slow moody guitars fill the air. Futurist Manifesto searing lead guitar and pounding rhythms. Radiant Gravity slow jazzy bluesy melodic music. O Ye Of Little Faith heavy dark moody music that just garbs your very soul with some interesting vocals. Our Revels Now Are Ended piercing guitar that just flows thru your senses. Hell Is A City is a very jazzy emotional bluesy tune. Somnambulist close your eyes and just drift along with your imagination. Maximum Hemingway has a strange riff that just worms its way thru you. Through The Ringing Cedars strange beats and rhythms assault your senses. They Have Won nice melodic that makes your imagination flow. On Father’s Day guitars and melodies full of emotions. The Happiness Machine has a very nice groove that will have you swaying along. Nothing Out There just relax and enjoy the ride.

Verdande – ST The Xroadie Files SigurdKehlet – Guitar, Martin Jorgensen – Guitar, Martin Kjaer Killie – Bass, Mathias Blumensaat – Drums, Soren Sedit – Vocals
Seeking Waiting Or Hiding sounds of wind howling then melodic guitars fold in then searing leads pierce thru the sky before a heavy beat kicks in with some yelling style vocals. Giving In swirling keyboards a catchy riff tempo changes and yelling vocals with screaming guitars. When Forever Ends slow heavy dark emotional music. We Wait In The Fire sounds of a fire burning and melodic guitars then a heavy riff that just grabs you.
Split Cross – Rise of Discontent The Xroadie Files Paul Folk – Guitar, Kasey Harrison – Bass/Vocals, Matt Bear – Drums
Blind Spot disharmonic guitars bass rumbles spoken words then punk style vocals with fast heavy rhythms. Filth March overdriven guitars fast heavy dark beats and yelling gruff vocals. Dis-seption just grab ahold and bee drug down the road of dementia. Splinter feedback rumbling bass slow and eerie then a kick in the teeth of aggression. Rat Cult guitar feedback pierces thru you then a chugging riff takes over slow and evil. Fallen Victim just be grounded into the dust by heavy fast demonic metal. Rotten Cycle feedback runs you thru then pounding drums thundering bass and gruff vocals just annihilate you. Soaked Ground extreme sounds piercing guitars and slow eerie rhythms. With some blast beats.


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