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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 20 February 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Nightrage – Wolf To Man The Xroadie Files Ronnie Nyman – Vocals, Marios Iliopoulos – Guitar, Magnus Soderman – Guitar, Francisco Escalona – Bass, Dino George Stamoglou – Drums
Starless Night searing leads slow rhythms that just flow all around you gruff vocals and a steady beat fast and heavy. Wolf To Man has a tribal beat that just swallows you with some interesting melodies and rough vocals. Embrace The Nightrage fist pumping slamming head banging shredding metal. Desensitized catchy riffs gruff vocals thundering bass pounding drums and great melodies with a few tempo changes. God Forbid hit the pit slam and sweat as bodies crash about. By Darkness Drawn fast heavy punch you in the face death thrash melodic metal. The Damned great guitar melodies solid beats and gruff vocals. Arm Aim Kill fist pumping foot stomping head banging metal magic. Gemini grab your air guitars and just jam along as you head bang. Disconnecting the Dots nice guitar melodies flow all around then a riff kicks you in the teeth and gruff vocals added. Escape Route Insertion hit the floor and slam and sweat bodies slamming against each other. Lytrosis (Instrumental) a very nice melody that will stick with you.

Ad Patres – A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments The Xroadie Files Axel Doussaud – Vocals, Olivier Bousquet – Guitar, Pierre Yves Marani – Guitar, Arnaud Pecoste – Bass, Alsvid – Drums
Shock Therapy spoken words from a movie. Mechanical Enlightenment heavy riffs gruff vocals pounding drums and thundering bass. The Disappearance of 1 grabs you and slams you into submission. Led By Flesh pounding thrashing death metal. Symbiosickhit the pit slam and sweat away as bodies pound each other. Sermon sounds of a storm and spoken words. Verses Void grabs you, slams you against the ground and just pounds you. Spellbound chugging guitar riffs pounding betas thundering bass and growling vocals. Enclosing Terror fast heavy punch you in the mouth death metal. The Floating Point eerie riffs that cut right thru you before they just run you over.

Defecal Of Gerbe – Mothershit The Xroadie Files Dave Chaigne – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Chaigne – Bass/Vocals, Herve Motte – Drums/Vocals
Sympathy For The Debile interesting vocals spoken words then growling hard fast heavy punk influenced metal. Camembert Necrophile (LaUne) hit the pit slam and went away.  Once Upon The Crotte (La Dix) just punches you in the throat and never lets up. Leffe for Dead (La Neuf) just hit the floor and get into the aggression. Ass of Ped (La Treize) a strange punk influenced thrash metal song. Sublime Inspecteur Derrick Decomposition (La Six) aggressive punk hardcore. Discolocauste the anger and hate never lets up full on fury. Chiasse A Paillettes (La Cinq) is a crunchy riff that just slices thru you. Beheaded Kamikaze an aggressive yelling intro and a punch in the teeth song. Regles in Blood (La Huit) chugging riffs pounding rhythms and growling yelling vocals. Madame Richard In The Land of Fist chugging hard core mayhem. Adolph Lundgren hard heavy thundering ripping tearing yelling. Boogie Woogie Dancing Truie (LaDeux) is just full on hardcore fury. Abbath Loves Friskies (La Sept) just slams into you like a freight train. I’m Your Boogie Touffe (La Quatre) slamming sweating thrashing ripping tearing. DiarrheeMousseuse (La Trois) cutting thrashing pounding fury. La Sono El Claque spoken words then chainsaw riff thundering rhythms and yelling hardcore style vocals.

Inhume – Exhume 25 Years Of Decomposition The Xroadie Files Vocals – Doorus Van Ooij/Johan Dirkx/JoostSilvrants, Guitar – Ben Janssen/Harold Gielen/Richard Elbisch, Bass – LoekPeeters, Drums – Roel Sanders
Tiamat dark heavy aggressive death metal. Forbidden Hunger aggressive mayhem. Fucking Shit heavy aggression dark and demented. The Missing Limb evil rises and destroys. Tumorhead chainsaw guitars rumbling bass growling vocals pounding drums. Squirming Parasites eaten alive in pain and agony. Inescapable Destiny thrashing about in a sea of pain. Invisible Death rumbling pounding thrashing ripping shredding.  Hate Kill Just For Fun chugging riffs pounding beats angry vocals. Meatcleaver pounded into small pieces of oblivion. Blood Sperm Shit slammed against a wall and pounded to death. Gargling Guts evil destroys the world. Airplane Crash hitting the ground at a full force of falling over a thousand feet. Human Fucking Guinea Pig being sliced and diced for experiments. Cadaverous Abortion just almost making it into the world the being destroyed. Dead Man Walking pounded into the ground into small pieces. Destructive Impulse having the desire to destroy and maim. Schizophrenic Pulp being driven mad to the point of no return. Trapped In Darkness evil just devours your very soul. Genital Cancer pain agony dying a slow death. Bowell Movement just ripped and torn apart. Process To Decelerate slamming into the ground full force and fury.  Fucking Shit different version. Virus death mayhem and destruction. Moulding The Deformed ripped and shredding into small pieces. Acid Bath thrown into a bath of acid and slowly dissolving in pain. Virus different version. Moulding the Deformed different version. Cure for Life being pulled into the pit of hell. Zombie Grinder death slowly follows and tries to eat you alive. Prophet eerie shredding death. Tiamat different version. Invisible Death (Live) hit the pit and just try to survive. Corporation Pull In/Airplane Crash (Live)spoken words heavy riffs growling vocals and thundering in your brain.

Brave The Waters – Chapter II Days Of Solitude The Xroadie Files Rick Habeeb – Guitar, Tom Anderer – Guitar/Bass
Endless Pursuit soft melodies flow all around just close your eyes and drift along. Above The Broken Clouds memories and emotions flood thru you. Written In Stone & Locked Away acoustic guitars and mellow melodies just grab at your heart strings. To Be Alone imaginations flow thru your mind as you drift along. Transcending Horizons drifting thru time and space alone in your thoughts. Vague Shadows sitting around watching your friends play guitar. Trials Of The Sunken Swamp close your eyes and just let your imagination run wild. Out Of Nowhere melodic tones that just surround and envelope you. Maze of Winding Roads lost in your thoughts and imagination. Arrival At the Gates of Torment melodies and tones drift and flow in and around you.


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