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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 13 February 2019 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Keith Reid Project – In My Head The Xroadie Files Keith Reid – Song Writer  (Vocalist) – Maya Saxel, Anthony Krizan, Steve Booker, Jeff Young, Chris Merola, John Waite 
This Space Is Vacant strange jazz stuyle piano flowing in the air and interesting vocals. In My Head is a slow folky song with lots of emotions. Thieves Road strummig guitars and melodic voclas with a country feel. Ten More Shows just kick back relax and drist along with the soft melodies and vocals. The Bank Of Worry slow bluesy jazzy with tons of emotions. The Trial Of The Century melodic piano soft but slightly gruff vocals that just grab your soul. Back From The Brink floating tones and vocals. All I Need To Know just sitting in a smoky bar with your drink watching the musician on stage sing and play. Dance With Me just soft melodies and flowing vocals. House Of Cards just close your eyes and drift along from note to note.

Pavlov’s Dog – Prodigal Dreamer The Xroadie Files David Surkamp – Vocals/Guitar, Sara Surkamp – Vocals/Guitar, Abbie Steiling – Violin, Rick Steiling – Bass, Mark Maher – Piano,/Hammond B3/Synthesizer, David Malachowski – Guitar, Manfred Ploetz – Drums
Paris just kick back and get ready to take one magical musical journey thru your mind.   Hard Times excellent prog rock melodies that just grab ahold of you and pull you thru time and space. Winterblues sitting in a cabin playing a stringed instrument and singing just to while way the time with friends and family as they join in on their instruments. Thrill Of It All is a slow jazz blues groove that just slides along as it makes you move with it. Easter Day a country flavored song with folk overtones.  Hurting Kind flowing piano emotional guitars that just pierce thru you and  have you get you emotional. Aria just close your eyes and imagine many things. Waterlow is slightly up tempo and will have you up and dancing with your partner. Suzanne strumming guitars and melodic vocals just sing along and enjoy. Crying Forever will have you up grooving and dancing as you bop and sing along. Being In Love sitting around singing and playing with friends. Shaking Me Down has an old school church organ sound that just envelopes you with some solid bass and pounding drums with melodic vocals. The Winds Wild Early searing leads slow rhythms that just flow thru you as they fill you with emotions.

Angel Morgue – ST The Xroadie Files Colin – Bass, Drew – Drums, Ian – Guitar, Jostiff – Vocals, Leonard – Guitar
Forcible Expulsion Of Entrails grinding thrashing pounding tearing mental madness. Psychosomatic Mastication low slow evil eerie sounds that just envelope you before the aggression takes over and just rips you to shreds. Holocaust Perversions grabs you and grins you into small pieces as it slices and dices.
Bamboo Star – No Hard Feelings The Xroadie Files Australian Wolf Red – Vocals, Terence NG – Guitar, Jasmine Wong - Bass, Lawrence Wong – Drums
It’s Just Business a stand up and fist pump guitar riff that grabs ahold with some great bass drum work and powerful vocals. Movie Star just get up and rock out as you enjoy this catchy song. Wait For You has a blues based rhythm that will just has you swaying along close your eyes and drift. Take Another Swing get up move and groove to the riff that just takes you over with some amazing rhythm work soulful vocals and searing leads. Ivory Tower fist pumping head banging foot stomping metal magic. Ivory Tower (Cantonese) same song sung in different language.

Ritualizer – Blood Oaths The Xroadie Files P.J. – Vocals, Judson – Guitar, Devin – Bass, Weege – Drums
Blood Oaths fast heavy thrashing metal music with screaming leads powerful vocals and pounding drums with added thundering bass just get ready to bang your head. Haunted fist in the air head banging hair fling foot stomping pit thrashing metal. Night Terrors a song that will have the entire crowd up and fist pumping as they sing along.

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