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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 12 December 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Craneium – The Narrow Line The Xroadie Files Andreas Kajan – Vocals/Guitar, Martin Ahlo – Vocals/Guitar, Joel Kronqvist – Drums, Jonas Ridberg – Bass
Manifest heavy riffs that just plow along the road to madness with stoner rock vocals and a catchy rhythm.  I’m Your Demon just grab a brew kick back and watch the bar band play along to some music that will have drifting along. Beyond The Pale is a very Sabbath style of riff dark heavy and full of emotions that grabs your attention. The Soothsayer has a very bluesy song that will have you up and grooving along till the very last note. Redemption close your eyes and just rip down this musical highway of emotions. The Goat (Is In Command) stoner rock that will have you tripping away and you enjoy every note. Man’s Ruin sitting around with friends just having a few and enjoying the music as you groove and sing along.

Rifflord – 7 Cremation Ground/Meditation The Xroadie Files Wyatt Bronc Bartlett – Guitar/Vocals, Paul Pinos – Guitar, Matthew Mcfarland – Bass, Tory Jean Stoddard – Keyboards, Tommy Middlen – Drums
Seven has a very back wood Cajun feel that just works its way into your very being. Dead Flower Child sitting in the woods smoking and drinking with friends and just watching the band jam along the getting up and slamming along as the band shred and the guitars rip. The Other Side church organ sounds deep and emotional along with some very powerful vocals the standup sway and groove to the rhythm as you sing along.  Coyote Fodder sounds of wild animals and a Sabbath style stoner riff that just seems to surround you as you move along. Holly Roller acoustic guitar swirling organ screaming leads pounding drum thumping bass take a trip back to the psychedelic 70s. BB Gun grab the air guitars and just jam and sing along to some excellent heartfelt stoner rock.
Transcendental Meditation chorus vocals a catchy riff that just gets you attention and a thundering beat get ready to rock out. Lucid Trip swirling organ/keyboards acoustic guitars a solid beat and great vocals just drift along as it takes you on a musical journey to inside your mind. Poison Mother heavy dark melancholic stoner rock with some great musicianship. Electric Grave keyboards and spoken words with a very eerie feel slow and steady as it moves toward you. The Riffman Cometh will have you standing fist pumping and head banging along till the last note. Hou Dou Vou Dou has a very back woods Cajun bluesy feel that just grabs your attention and takes ahold as you groove along. Thunder Rider Cremation G hold on for one hell of a stoner rock ride just enjoy.
Blood Of The Sun – Blood’s Thicker Than Love The Xroadie Files Henry Vasquez – Drums/Vocals, Dave Gryder- Keyboards, Wyatt Burton – Guitar, Alex Johnson – Guitar/Vocals, Roger Yma – Bass, Sean Vargas – Vocals
Keep the Lemmy’s Coming has a Motorhead feel with southern rock influences just get ready to rock n roll. My Time has a very bluesy feel with some emotional leads and great rhythms to groove with and powerful vocals. Livin For The Night takes you back to the late 70s and has sort of a Ted Nugent feel a real rocker. Air Rises As You Drown slowly builds as it grabs you and takes you on one emotional musical journey. Stained Glass Window has a 70s hard rock meets blues meets a slight country flavor get up move groove and sing along. Blood of The Road hop on your bike or in your car crank up this tune and just jam on down the road.

Massimo Discepoli – The Right Place on the Wrong Map The Xroadie Files Massimo Discepoli – Drums/Eletronics/Bass/Synths/Piano
Once In A Minute over seven minutes to just relax close your eyes and drift along to the musical tones and textures. Thin Border more melodies and tones to take you away on a trip thru your inner mind.   The Right Place On The Wrong Map take a trip back to the late 60s and the psychedelic rock of that era very trippy and spacey. Phase Transition has a very Tangerine Dream feel to the music. Water Sequences drifting thru time and space all alone with your thoughts. Both Sides Of The Line lost in the darkness of space just floating along with your thoughts. Shapes close your eyes and just imagine the things that the music brings to your mind.
Unearth – Extinction(s) The Xroadie Files Trevor Phipps – Vocals, Ken Susi – Guitar, Buz McGrath – Guitar, Nick Pierce – Drums, Chris O’Toole – Bass
Incinerate heavy industrial hard music and yelling vocals to just hammer your very mind. Dust dual leads that just grab you as they grind away and take you down an interesting path of destruction. Survivalist dark heavy n music with growling vocals that just rip and tear at you. Cultivation Of Infection low bass strange sound grinding rhythm that just slam and beat you. The Hunt Begins disharmonic sounds that worm their way into you with chugging guitars and pounding rhythms. Hard Line Downfall hit the pit just slam against each other with sweat flying. King Of The Artic eerie guitars build chainsaw riff thundering bas pounding drums and rough growling vocals. Sidewinder another hit the pit with total aggression just slam and bounce around with anger. No Reprisal has more of an classic metal feel to the music but with growling vocals. One With The Sun just grabs you and pounds you into submission.


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