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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 22 August 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Finnr’s Cane – Elegy The Xroadie Files The Slave – Cello/Keyboards, The Peasant – Drums, The Bard – Vocals/Guitar
Willow walking thru the woods in old England hearing strange things and eerie sounds surrounding you with a very gothic feel.  Elegy slow strange disharmonic chords that just worm their way thru your very essence.  Strange Sun heavy fast demonic feelings and sounds surround and envelope you dragging you down.  Empty City very melodic folky guitar and flute sounds that just drift thru the air then turn dark and demented.  Earthsong pounding beats fill your head and make your very heart thump with evil intent.  Lacuna mellow piano sounds envelope you then a strange solid slow rhythm kicks in to make you wonder where you are.  A Sky Of Velvet strange eerie sounds surround and worm their way thru you as it pulls you into a black abyss.

Forming The Void – Rift The Xroadie Files Luke Baker – Bass, Shadi Omar Al Khansa – Guitar, James Marshall – Guitar/Vocals, Thomas Colley – Drums
Extinction Event hard heavy pounding thrashing ripping and tearing with an evil feel.  On We Sail has a steady pounding rhythm that just works its way into your very body with some psychedelic tones.  Archaic Mystic slowly envelopes you with a strange eerie sound that grows in heaviness and searing lead guitar.  Transient melancholic tones invade the senses and take you on a weird trip musically.  Arrival drums pounding guitars feeding back crunchy riffs thumping bass and strong vocals.  Ark Debris takes you on a trip thru the mid-east with some very interesting sounds that brig sights to mind.  Shrine slow melancholic sounds that just seem to drag you into a dark hole.

Cambrian – Mobular The Xroadie Files Boggio Nattero – Guitar/Vocals, Stefano Parodi – Bass/Piano, Fabio Cuomo – Drums
Melt feedback and distortion with a slow plodding evil rhythm that just seems to worm its way toward you.  Seaweed Shaman thru the blackness comes a tone that just worms its way thru you and around you growing dark and heavy.  Hooded Mantanaut lost in space and time drifting around in nothingness.  Mobular melodic tones and notes fill the air and with some searing lead guitar work Pink Floyd style.  The Lethargic Hours close your eyes and just drift along the musical highway of tones and textures.  Emperor Seamount the slow steady flow of evil and dementia envelopes you till you disappear.

From Inside – When I'm Breathing Without You The Xroadie Files Simon Mora, Thomas Booth, Bam Roberts, George Collings
Helpless gothic piano with singing and yelling vocals and heavy riffs with a few tempo changes.  Before I Leave slow melodic tones slowly build then a steady riff melodic vocals sooth you then yelling vocals bring out the anger.  When I’m Breathing Without You is emo style music with a few tempo changes.  You I vocals with lots of feeling   then the anger kicks in and destroys all.  I Need To Feel Alive soft piano and strings then a heavy riff and pounding beat with melody.  Tearing At The Seams close your eyes and drift.

Building Chaos – Bourbon Times The Xroadie Files Alex Lobo _ Vocals/Guitar, Alex Obel – Guitar, Peter – Bass, Nick – Drums
Blink Of An Eye chainsaw riff thundering rhythms fist pumping and thrash style vocals. Blood Boil has a Texas blues feel with some emotional acoustic guitar leads that turns into a punk thrash song.California Love mid-tempo riffs that just chug along with some searing guitar and solid as hell rhythms.Down chainsaw guitars thrash metal riffs pounding and slamming around in the pit. Heavy Chains more awesome blues based acoustic guitar that just steals your soul and goes back and forth from thrash to blues. Let The River Bear Your Bones close your eyes and tap your knees lets getting to grooving then an excellent catchy heavy riff that will be with you for days going back and forth.Ritual sitting in the swamps with some friends just drinking and jamming out to some excellent music. Snakefang kicking back around the fire jamming and having a blast then kicking it in overdrive and just Headbanging till you drop. Texas Jack Reed low rumbling bass that just stirs something inside you then a crunchy riff and pounding drums with scorching guitar and rough vocals.The Hunt charging down the road music at full blast jamming and speeding along. The King Is High bluesy heavy and full of strong emotions rock out and just jam away. Until The End fist pumping head banging thrashing and slamming around in the pit.


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