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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 01 August 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Wasted Theory – Defenders of The Riff The Xroadie Files Larry Jackson Jr – Guitar/Vocals, Brendan Burns - Drums, Andrew Petkovic - Guitar, Rob Michael - Bass
Get Loud or Get Fucked loud hard and heavy with grinding riffs and pounding rhythms good vocals.  Black Witch Blues get the air guitar out and jam to this metal riffing song with lots of blues influences.  Atomic Bikiniwax screaming leads pounding beats thundering bass in the BLS style.  Amplifire slow steady bleus metal in the Sabbath vein.  Gospel Of Infinity rumbling bass thundering drums stone metal style guitars that just work their way thru you and take over.  Belly Fulla Whiskey sitting in a club listening to the band drinking whisky and jamming all night long.  Under The Hoof hop on the buike ruble down the road looking for a fight.  And The Devil Makes Three get the pit to thrashing and slammin about with this heavy catchy riff.  Throttlecock more Sabbath style of heavy slow dark fist pumping metal.  Odyssey Of The Electric Warlock slow plodding bass chugging guitar riffs searing leads that just pierce thru you and rough vocals to jam and pound your fist to.  
Monolord – Rust The Xroadie Files Thomas V Jager -  Guitar/Vocals, Esben Willems – Drums, Mika Hakki – Bass
Where Death Meets The Sea dark heavy slow stoner rock pounding into your very essence with some very strange twists and turns its meets psychedelia in some places as well.  Dear Lucifer almost 9 minutes of rumbling plodding thundering stoner rock metal that just shakes you to the core.  Rust starts out with a church organ and melodic vocals kick back close your eyes light one up and just jam away.  Wormland takes you to a very dark and sinister place with no hope of return.  Forgotten Lands overdriven guitars and bass rumble your very insides till they feel as if they are coming apart.  At Niceae melodic dark heavy slow emotional music to just take a trip thru your mind with.  
Corroded – Defcon Zero (Single) (Zardonic Remix) The Xroadie Files Jens Westin – Vocals/Guitar, Tomas Andersson – Guitar, Bjarne Elvsgard – Bass, Per Solang - Drums     Defcon Zero heavy guitars yelling vocals fast beats interesting industrial sounds pounding beats and heavy sounds get ready to be annihilated.

The Drymouths – When The Water Smells Of Sweat The Xroadie Files Christ O Rodrigues – Guitar/Vocals, Andy Reyes -  Bass/Keyboards/Synths/Saxophone Josh Morales – Drums
Catalonian Cream doom meets stoner meets psychedelia in a very interesting way with lots of melody and textures this is excellent to just kick back and drift way with.  Doomental VI: Law Far Low Par melodic heavy riffs and slow pounding drums take you to an open space of darkness and gloom but also some visions of hope.
Delaware – Fire The Xroadie Files Thomas Jones, Ollie Jones, James William Cobb
Fire is a melodic country meets maybe pop song with lots of emotions. Great playing and also great to sing along with.

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