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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 13 June 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion The Xroadie Files Adam Grant – Vocals/Guitar, Eugene Parkomenko – Drums, Danny Stokes – Guitar, Evan Joel Bass
Two Of These Nights classic heavy metal with great riffs to head bang to and sing along with. Feast Or Famine fast heavy in your face fist pumping metal with some awesome guitar work and solid rhythms. James Wolfe fist in the air head banging mid-tempo metal with lots of great musicianship.Livin Oblivion thundering bass excellent drums start off the song then chainsaw guitars and powerful vocals kick in. Cascadia a nice melodic that gets slightly heavier and just drift along to the searing leads. Portraits get the pit movin in this thrash meets classic metal song. Poisoned Again has kind of a punk meets metal guitar sound with solid beats that just envelope you. Heavy Love slowly builds and just stick in your head for days.Eternal Illusion sixties style psychedelic rock meets classic metal very Sabbath Influenced.

Coldawn -In The Dawn The Xroadie Files Ausk, B., Tim Yaras, B.M.
Spectral Horizon acoustic continues thru the entire instrumental track. My Escape dark evil heavy and demonic sounds and vocals pierce you and take you on a very strange trip. The Essence melancholy piano and keyboards drift along then a full on death metal sound appears. Only Moments mid-tempo gothic styling and death metal mixtures. La Primavera No Llegara Esta Vez more classical guitar spoken female words and gothic emotions. In The Dawn sit back relax and drift to the mellow piano then the band comes in and deliver an excellent gothic feel and death vocals. This Over more slightly upbeat death metal. My Destiny gothic classical death metal sounds and emotions.

Lumnos – Ancient Shadows Of Saturn The Xroadie Files Putrefactus – All Instruments/Vocals, B.M. Vocals, Unknown-Synths/Vocals
I Am Born From A Star dark heavy gothic death metal mixed with psychedelic prog sounds. Primordial Darkness mellow sounds that surround you and make you drift away into nothingness back and for from evil to serene. Ancient Shadows of Saturn keyboards swirl around sounds like if Tangerine was mixed with death metal. No Soul Is Near soaring keys envelope you and make you drift away taking you thru time and space on a very special journey. Existentialism darker and heavier taking you into the pit and swallowing you whole.

Church of The Cosmic Skull – Science Fiction The Xroadie Files Bill Fisher – Guitar/Vocals, Michael Wetherburn – Hammond B3/Vocals. Amy Nicholson – Electric Cello/Vocals, Loz Stone – Drums, Jo Joyce – Vocals, Caroline Cawley – Vocals
Science Fiction take a trip back to the psychedelic late 60s early 70s and just ride the waves of music magic.Go By The River has a doors feel to the rhythm mixed with some excellent prog rock sounds.Revolution Comes With An Act Of Love slow guitars Hammond and vocals with a very bluesy feel and lots of emotion. Cold Sweat is more upbeat a great song to play while driving down the road. The Others slow melodic guitar has a prog meets Crosby Stills and Nash folk feeling. Timehole (Gonna Build A Rocket Tonight) more psychedelic rock meets prog get ready to just jam away and play air guitar to some great lead guitar. The Cards that You’re Playing is sort of an Allen parsons Project meets folk rock interesting and very good. Paper Aeroplane And Silver Moon slow bluesy and full of emotion with some excellent organ playing that slowly builds with lots of great tempos. The Devil Again take a trip back to the seventies when music has lots of emotion and great musicianship close your eyes and drift.

Demonical – Chaos Manifesto The Xroadie Files Alexander Hogbom – Vocals, Martin Schulman – Bass, Johan Haglund – Guitar, Eki Kumpulainen – Guitar, Kennet Englund – Drums
A Void Most Obscure grinding heavy fast in your face death metal that just grinds you into the ground.Towards Greater Gods pounded and crushed into small pieces till dead. Sung To Possess slow and steady evil stalking you and devouring your essence. Va Ikommen Undergang atmys of darkness and death exploding upon the world of the living. Torture Parade growling vocals that just rip you apart and death music that pounds you into submission. From Nothing sounds of storms building and guitars ripping people to shreds.Unfold The Darkness get the pit of evil moving with violent aggression. Death Unfaithful shredding ripping tearing with evil intent.


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