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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 16 May 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Thola – Wolfburn The Xroadie Files Rolf Studer – Song Writer/Guitar, Sven Imsand – Drums, Thommy Ambiel – Bass, Fredy Salzman – Vocals, Patrick Ambord – Guitar
Wolfburn fast heavy in your face riffs pounding drums and bass fist in the air head banging metal music.  Imprisonment Of Your Mind has a mid-eastern feel to the music with some excellent musicianship combine Kamelot with Megadeth.  Ride Your System grab ahold of the riff and hang on for a head banging speed metal ride.  Babawanga evil sounds heavy riffs and a solid rhythm section that slowly builds and would be a great song to get a pit going.  Your Track fist in the air hair flying foot stomping riffs that just won’t let you go.  Fuego Negro industrial sounds weird vocals tribal drums then Hammond b3 sounds and soulful heavy vocals along with chainsaw riffs.  17 classical sounds from a keyboard along with other weird melodic sounds powerful emotional vocals add to that a chainsaw riff this is one excellent song with a few tempo changes.  Behind The Desert Flower swirling keyboard sounds prog metal style vocals with a fist pumping riff.  X-Tree-M heavy fast speed thrash metal guitar riffs and an extremely solid rhythm section get ready to take a trip down the highway of life with some scorching guitar work.  Screaming World alone in an old warehouse hearing eerie sounds all around you then being chased by who knows what as you can only feel its presence.  Digital Time screaming vocals speed metal riffs and thundering rhythms along with scorching guitars is what this song is all about.  

Thundermother – ST The Xroadie Files Guernica Mancini – Vocals, Filippa Nassil – Guitar, Sara Pettersson – Bass, Emlee Johansson –Drums
Revival in the vein of ACDC, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne here comes the all-female band Thundermother with solid heavy fist pumping hard rock ready to take you by storm.  Whatever put the song on and get ready to speed down the road with lots of emotion it will be hard to do the speed limit listening to this song.  Survival Song slow building guitar solid as hell rhythm section and very soulful vocals this band can rock.  Racing On Mainstreet hop on your motorcycle of car and pop this song on get ready for a great road song that will just have you moving grooving and singing along.  Fire In The Rain slow bluesy soulful music and emotional vocals that will just tear at your heart.  Hanging At My Door an excellent sing along foot tappin song that will stick with you for days.  Rip Your Heart Out fast heavy in your face heard rock with a very bluesy feel and excellent emotion vocals and shredding guitar.  The Original Sin a song that sounds like the thunder down under its grabs you and takes you on a trip thru heavy metal hard rock influences and also great to sing along to what awesome tight drums and thundering bass that just rumbles your soul.  Quitter just great fast hard rock that makes you wanna get up and move and groove as you sing along and play air guitar or maybe even air bass or drums this band can really rock.  We Fight For Rock N Roll lead guitar that just sends a chill down your spine vocals that just take ahold and stick in your head and a riff that will never leave you.  Follow Your Heart takes you back to the glory days of the late 70s hard rock full of excellent musicianship and emotion.  Children On The Rampage kick out the air drums and guitar get ready to just be enveloped by this awesome song and band.  Won’t Back Down solid blues based hard rock with tons of emotion this is a band that should make it big they plainly put f'n rock.

A Light Within – Epilogue The Xroadie Files Jeff Irvine – Guitar, Josh Bennet – Guitar, Nick Sloan – Drums, Kyle Brandt – Vocals/Keyboards, Andy Shiller – Bass
Page #9 (Shells) eerie sounds slowly building then a solid heavy beat and soaring vocals very prog influenced.  Page#54 (Chemical Drive) continues the prog sound of many textures and tempos.  Page#27 (Surrounded By The Astronauts) in outer space sounds building bass rumbling guitars slowly building take a trip through the stars.  Page#35 (An Educated Gentleman) solid heavy tones and textures that just have you closing your eyes and drifting along.

Apathy Noir – Black Soil The Xroadie Files Viktor Jonas – All Instruments And Programming, Andy Walmsley – Vocals, Lars Bjorkens – Guitar
The Glass Delusion swirling keyboards chainsaw riffs and demonic vocals that just rip into you.  Samsara dark evil sounds and emotions coming up from behind to devour your soul.  Black Soil evil dark melancholy sounds that just drag you into the black abyss.  The Void Which Binds dark melodic melancholy sounds that just envelope you and slowly build with evil aggression.  Bloodsong slow steady evil tracking you down to rip you apart.  Towers of Silence walking down the lonely road of sorrow and pain.  Time And Tide slow plodding melancholy stoner style prog rock death metal.

Death On Fire – Witch Hunter The Xroadie Files Tim Kenefic, Justin Zych, Kyle Smith, Sam Stephens
Your Lies have solid chainsaw riffs pounding rhythms and yelling vocals with screeching guitars. Witch Hunter slowly builds then kicks in with a fury of hunting down something evil. Requiem great thundering bass pounding guitars and soaring guitar that just runs your body over. Make The Old Ways New Again fast heavy pound you into the ground riffs and yelling vocals. Betrayal slow and melodic then it just jumps on you with full aggression. Meth Dentistry does the same thing that meth does to your teeth it destroys you. Never See You Again fast heavy aggressive in your face metal. American Scum grinds you into the ground with dissonant aggression and evil intent.

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