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The Xroadie Files

Posted on the 11 April 2018 by Ripplemusic
The Xroadie Files
Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pacifisticuffs
The Xroadie Files Daniel Hakansson – Guitar/Vocals, Pontus Mantefors – Guitar/FX/Vocals, Kristin Evegard – Vocals/Piano, Anders Johansson – Bass, Johannes Bergion – Cello/Vocals, Martin Isaksson – Trumpet/Vocals, Daniel Hedin – Trombone, Johan Norback – Drums
Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself with Love) is an interesting female / male vocals collaboration and musical journey with many twists.  The Age of Vulture Culture is a trip back to olden classical music days then an almost ska turn to the music.  Superhero Jagganath spoken background words pounding drums weird strange orchestration and almost a MoTown style of singing.  Vision Of The Purblind is a strange instrumental  intro into Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker which has more of a back room jazz feel to its soul music and vocals.  Jigsaw Hustle is a classical meets disco weird strange but excellent song.  Pulse of The Incipient is the sound of a pulse that goes into the next song Ode To The Innocent which has a very moody classical feel with heartfelt vocals.  Interruption slow building prog rock music envelopes you with many highs and lows going back and forth.  Cul De Sac Semantics has a classical mid European feel to the music mixed with jazz that would be heard in some sleazy backstreet club.  Karma Bonfire has that style of a jazz blues club sound mixed with some metal influences and prog as well a very interesting song great to jam along with.  Climbing The Eyewall is a very melancholy classical song with great musicianship and emotions.  Porch of Perception ends this strange but excellent album with a country style outro.

Voidceremony – Foul Origins Of Humanity The Xroadie Files Garret Johnson – Guitar/Vocals, Mann – Bass
Through The Woe Of The Dismal Pandemonium grinding heavy slow plodding then strange beats and evil intent with demonic vocals moving fast and slow back and forth.  Epoch: Noxious Primal Birth grabs you and pounds you back into the earth from whence you came in agonizing fashion.  Time Sorceries seven minutes of pure blast in your face / pound you down aggression and terror.
Against The Grain – Cheated Death The Xroadie Files Chris Nowak – Bass/Vocals, Nick Bellomo – Guitar, Kyle Davis – Guitar/Vocals, Rob Nowak – Drums
Cheated Death has that Motorhead speed metal sound lots of pounding rhythms and great guitar along with rough vocals.  Smoke is more of a mid-paced stoner rock song that just takes you on a trip back to the good old days.  Sacrifice is more classic speed metal with some very tight riffs and great bass drums play add to that some scorching guitars.  No Sleep is sped metal overdrive to the maximum.  Last Chance get ready to play air guitar and head bang to one excellent song.  Devils And Angels is a slow blues based song with lots of searing guitar.  High Heeled Woman is a fist pumping head banging rock you till you drop song.  Rolling Stone is a great fast paced song to sing along with and move and groove to.  Enoughs Not Enough excellent drums that get your feet to moving then a Motorhead style riff that just makes you wanna thrash about.  Going Down Fast is fast speed metal rockabilly with some amazing playing from every member.  Jaded And Faded kick into over drive from the very first not and just hang on for the ride.  Into The Light enjoy this song and entire album that will take you back to the glory days of speed and heavy metal riffs.

Blackwulf – Sinister Sides The Xroadie Files Alex Cunningham – Vocals, Petr Holmes – Guitar, Scott Peterson – Bass, Dave Pankenier – Drums, Geof OKeefe – Guitar
Gate of Sorrow guitar feedback rumbling bass and slow pounding drums work their way into your very being with some excellent vocals, Sinister Sides is more of an upbeat psychedelic meets Sabbath riff that will have the entire crowd moving.  Waiting On Tomorrow has a slow southern style melancholy feel with some scorching guitar.  Dead To The World bass rumbles thru you the riff takes over and just slowly drags you with it till the end.  Blind Fate is another Sabbath style stoner rock song that will take you back to the glory days of original Sabbath.  The Tempest slow pounding driving riffs and rhythms that just swoop you up and take you along for the ride.  Sunshine of Your Love an excellent cover version of the Cream classic.  Battle Line is full of emotions and will have you closing your eyes and drifting along to this excellent song.

Austral – Patagonia The Xroadie Files Pablo Yanez – Vocals, Mario Gonzalez – Guitar, Juan Francisco Contreras – Bass, Luis Gonzalez – Drums, Jorge Saldana - Keyboards
Kiloketen straight forward in your face speed power metal with powerful vocals. Caceria is a fist pumping sing along metal song with a catchy riff. Mestizaje starts with a tribal beat then mellows out then back to the beat back and forth. Newen slow thumping bass and an excellent riff then the rest of the band moves in and continues this great song with some tempo changes and great guitar work. Yague nice mellow acoustic guitar and keyboards added flute takes you on a mellow journey. Almas En Castigo interesting keyboard sounds swirl around then the guitar and band kicks in to make this a metal fest of riffs and beats. Ignorancia takes your mind on a great trip and has you closing your eyes and drifting along. Naturaleza another mellow sing along song to relax to. Exterminio speed metal in your face at its best just jump on for the ride and hold on. Patagonia is a slow trip of over 15 minutes thru a very trippy dream.


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